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Dear Sister

Common sense,
Perhaps you’ve forgotten,
Is more valuable than what you
Can score on the ACT.
See, that’s why we’re still a
Retarded nation.
Determination, that’s great! 319 more words


Our capabilities are greatly exaggerated - or the tyranny of the "essential" nutrient

Labeling four dozen or so nutrients as “essential” has done a real disservice to our health; it has trivialized many important nutrients as non-essential. Nutrients differ on by degrees in importance. 259 more words


Some definitions of man

Man is an animal who sees things backwards.

Man is an animal who cannot see things as they really are.

Man is an animal who believes in things flatly contradicted by evidence. 43 more words


The Dress.

The internet was brutally conquered by a dress (and yet this blog is basically non-existent) and it had people seriously debating over the colour.  Just to get it straight the dress is blue and black and most people know this (even some of the trolls who said white and gold); there are some people who legitimately believe the dress is white and goal and if you’re one of them you’re wrong, it’s as simple as that. 25 more words


Getting the right perspective

Seeing clearly means minimally getting the right perspective.

How do you know when you have it?

You don’t – but if you do, you are more likely disagreeing with established truths. 175 more words


Historian Petitions for Billy the Kid Death Certificate - ABC News

So? After all these years? Outlaw Billy The Kid – indeed was killed and previously thought – interesting too know! I had always thought he was killed, but there was still some skepticism in questioning that fact through the year and it finally can be put to rest! 12 more words

Common Sense


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Common Sense