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My Theory Put Into Practise

I’ve written about how I think every girl can be beautiful.
No ugly women, just lazy ones.

So last week I went on vacation with family and set out to check my theory. 333 more words


One Vote

So yes, you obviously only have one vote in this year’s presidential election.  The question we are all thinking of (and in many cases I suspect, struggling with) is how to spend that particular coin.  667 more words


COMMON SENSE: Seven Women Sound Off on Gun Safety — Bearing Arms

COMMON SENSE: Seven Women Sound Off on Gun Safety

We all know the firearms industry is just a whole bunch of people looking to help others.

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In Defense Of It All


The trip to the American Antiquarian Society was definitely worth getting up a bit earlier than usual and the absolute joy of riding in a school bus. 668 more words

Primary Sources

A lot of our health problems could be avoided by adopting 1 healthful meal a day

The single meal a day provides for an extended period of fasting, and fasting is as important to health as sleep, eating properly, and exercise, fasting being so important for the body to take out its trash and to recycle its components (autophagy) to respond to whatever is challenging it (for example, for the synthesis of acute phase proteins during various illnesses). 55 more words

Definitely Not Medical Advice

Degenerative metabolism in diabetes and cancer - another passenger

The driving force behind degenerative metabolism are the critical deficiencies and the excesses of genuine toxins.

Here is another passenger effect – it may be due in part to thiamine, magnesium, and potassium deficiencies, since the enzyme branched chain ketoacid dehydrogenase requires these molecules and a lot of others that are in short supply in the American diet. 238 more words



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