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Just do the research. Start at http://www.NORML.org or similar. Or do web search and keep an open mind.

From NORML.org:

“Recent scientific research has informed us that medical marijuana access is associated with reduced levels of opioid-related abuse, hospitalization, and mortality. 100 more words



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Common Sense

Not much fear, but a shit ton of loathing...

Today, perhaps as much as or even more than any other, reflects one of the biggest reasons I’ve learned to loath Monday through Friday. Sit back and let me tell you a little story… 388 more words



Subtitle: a Monday rant

Sub-subtitle: an admission of a personal pet peeve

I don’t know (or if I once did, I don’t recall) who was the first person (even the second, thus close enough to claim being the first) to make that insightful observation of human behavior, saying, in so many words, “As far as I can tell common sense is far from common.” 498 more words

A Personal Reflection

One of the episodes in all the epics, I have read, which holds an abiding interest in my mind is Ulysses' instruction to his mates to tie him to the mast and get their acquiescence to have malleable wax fixed in all their ears!

Was this a bargain of mutual disability? I go non-motile and you go deaf!
Did Ulysses foresee that the Voice of the sirens, heard by the plebeian sailors, might lead to disobedience and en massè abandon of their sense of duty and therefore incapacitated them from hearing the divine voice of the Sirens; and as a measure to balance their disability, he incapacitated himself by getting himself tied to the mast? 56 more words

Common Sense

Life Advice To Myself

I have spent countless hours poring through websites, magazines, self help books, guide books, talking to others, talking to professionals, looking for ways to be and do things better, to gain new perspective on things, basically in search of advice that I can apply to my own life and issues.  2,282 more words