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Jayalalitha - from Selvi to Amma! 

Seldom are actresses, especially the very successful ones, remembered for anything other than what they portrayed themselves to be in certain iconic movies. Seldom being merely ‘rare’, there are exceptions & both the exceptions which my memory serves me anon, come from Thamizh Nadu, an unenviable state much envied, who are M.S.Subbulakshmi and Selvi Jayalalitha! 1,608 more words

Common Sense

Jacob Marley Is Alive-A Prequel to the Christmas Carol

The first time I heard Marley was dead, I didn’t believe it.  Jacob Marley didn’t die.  Marley couldn’t die.  He was too tough to die.  His partner; that tight fisted, cold hearted son a bitch Ebeneezer Scrooge should be the first to die.  324 more words

Food For Thought

There is No War On Christmas…But There IS a War

For the umpteenth year in a row, a certain subsection of our nation’s citizenry is fighting against an imaginary war on Christmas.  Yes, I said imaginary war on Christmas. 841 more words


Two interpretations

Observation: there is always a portion of tryptophan that is devoted to vitamin B3 synthesis.

Interpretation 1: we are chronically short of vitamin B3, and some tryptophan, although essential for protein synthesis, and for its downstream products, including neurotransmitters, is being sacrificed to meet this more important need. 75 more words

Definitely Not Medical Advice

"It'll Ride"

Famous last words from yours’ truly!! I’ve said those words many a time…only to find out that they, somehow, don’t always ring true. I’m a trusting kind of guy, you might say. 565 more words


Fences, Walls and Bridges

Fences are meant to keep something in or to keep something out. Ranchers use fences to control the movement of livestock, keeping something in. Farmers use fences to keep critters out of the planted areas, keeping something out. 403 more words