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Is it really surprizing that the metabolome influences epigenetics?

Above the landscape

Masako Suzuki

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Science Translational Medicine 25 Nov 2015:
Vol. 7, Issue 315, pp. 315ec205
DOI: 10.1126/scitranslmed.aad5915
Pluripotent stem cells can self-renew and differentiate into all cell types of the body, giving rise to all adult tissues starting with the embryo. 229 more words

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Complement: v. to complete a subset(s) with a different subset(s) and usually making it better

You can complement a good meal with a fine wine and make it more complete or better. 99 more words

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The two constants of nature

1. Change or more precisely, evolution according to the laws of probability.

2. The zero-sumness of the multiverse in all of its completely conserved quantities (likely includes energy, charge, momentum and many others). 9 more words


Two of the silliest examples of the folly of causal thinking

1. The cause of aging – aging has no single cause, but is the result of the simultaneous, and not very significant, decline in the seven interdependent systems that keep us going. 123 more words


Thankful Serenity

On one occasion while attending Mass this summer a young man entered our church whom I had never seen before. I thought that perhaps he may regularly attend one of the Sunday Masses, and as a matter of convenience, attended this particular Saturday Vigil instead. 637 more words


Obama trashes America in speech in Malaysia

From the American Thinker:
By Thomas Lifson

November 21, 2015
Obama trashes America in speech in Malaysia

I am disgusted that President Obama disparaged the United States in a speech he delivered overseas, in Malaysia, of all places.  219 more words

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