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Why Hiring is stalling.

The last few months have had us bombarded by chants to raise the minimum wage to $15 hr. Heralded as the answer to poverty, hiring problems, and various diseases, such calls and other scapegoats (such as older individuals not leaving the work force to “make room” for the younger generations) ignore many of the economical and contextual problems that affect hiring and the job market. 425 more words


Declaration Part III

On the Fourth of July, my family continued a long-standing American tradition; we celebrated our country’s Independence Day by reading aloud the document we honor that day: … 698 more words


When Science and Simple Common Sense Part Company

It happens more often than most people may realise.

Here’s the most recent case i’ve been looking at.

We all know the moon is the main cause of our ocean tides – right? 1,070 more words


What’s Worth Fighting For?

Know yourself and what you’re willing to fight for.  This can’t be a game-time decision…it must involve some soul-searching and personal inventory well before you’re faced with an attacker, an intruder, a mugger or any potentially life-threatening situation. 533 more words

Self Defense

Helicopter Parents Crash Summer Camp

I’ve written about how helicopter parents are showing up in the workplace with their millennials here. Now, I’ve learned that parents are finding ways to hover over their kids’ summer camp experience, too. 811 more words


What's it all about?

Hello, I’m guessing you found your way here via googling a rather vague and disillusioned question… What is the meaning of life? Why am I here? 250 more words

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