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Those with special needs should be treated the same as anyone and everyone else would

In order for equality to work, we must all realize that we are not equal. Yet, such a view is seemingly forgotten on those with special needs when it comes to the fact that society wishes to normalize them as best as they can instead of seeing them for who and what they are and realizing their limitations, both physically &/or mentally for that matter. 623 more words

Common Sense


The “progressive” lefties call Conservatives the “flat-earthers,” but if we are not vigilant, it is the “Progressives” themselves who will lead us back into the Dark Ages. 326 more words


Creative Hiatus

It’s been two weeks since I have written anything. It’s not that I didn’t try; I just could not make the thoughts in my head make sense on paper.   718 more words

The antioxidant network is a relay system for removing free radicals from sites of major harmfulness

In cell membranes, vitamin E is oxidized by free radicals.

Just outside of the membrane, vitamin C and perhaps other molecules reduce oxidized vitamin E. 110 more words

Definitely Not Medical Advice

Homocysteine as a marker for heart disease

1. Elevated homocysteine in blood is a marker for increased likelihood of cardiovascular disease (CVD), every bit as good as elevated total cholesterol.

2. Elevated homocysteine implies that the person is probably not taking supplements, because addition of vitamins B6, B9, and B12 generally quickly reverses the elevation of homocysteine in blood. 205 more words

Definitely Not Medical Advice

The Internet is Dangerous

In writing a blog, one tries to put into words thoughts or concepts we feel are significant enough to document for others to read.  Unless the only intended audience is the self.

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