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Etiquette: n. rules for socially acceptable normative behavior

Etiquette rarely varies widely from one area of the country to the next but different cultures definitely have noticeable changes in etiquette which are unique to that culture. 155 more words

Common Sense

Alaska Gov. Wants to "Drill Baby Drill"...to Fund Dealing with Climate Change

The governor of Alaska wants to drill as much oil, as fast as he can, to raise money because the state desperately needs to deal with the devastating effects of climate change. 32 more words


Rapid Crisis Intervention/Facilitation Method

Organizations around the globe face critical instances that need a clear and consistent approach to resolving issues in a way that not only fixes a problem in the short term but also helps to ensure that the issue does not happen again.  716 more words

Lean Six Sigma

Liberalism: Naive or Diabolical

This past week brought with it another lesson for voters: take what you read and hear in the media (even some of the “Conservative” media) with ‘a grain of salt.’ Cases in point are the insinuations against Dr. 602 more words

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My Maiden Voyage lasted six days. I have now been home for twelve and wow… what a lot has happened during this time. Thus, though there are still a couple of episodes of my debut adventure yet to be posted, I thought it would be good to chronicle what’s been happening on my homefront. 429 more words


15 Trekking Mistakes That Make You Look Dumb

15 Trekking Mistakes That Make You Look Dumb

  • trekroute December 22, 2014

Luscious green valleys, cool streams, thundering waterfalls, tranquil lakes, breathtaking mountains and hours long walking is sure to make you feel very high without any intoxicants while you trek close to the nature. 2,526 more words