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Humility to Humor to True Humanness

“It is the test of a good religion whether you can joke about it.” – G.K. Chesterton

Humor is a grace from God that makes the unapproachable approachable. 998 more words


A Nice Guy, or a Good Guy?

My friend was talking about a man who had stalked, restrained and physically attacked a woman we knew when she said, “But he’s basically a good guy.”  Shocked, I clarified:  “No, he’s a nice guy.  464 more words

Self Defense



This is a great message that every American should have to at least read. Most would not understand, too many will never take the time to read and only a few will take the time to share this with all they know. 508 more words


Dietary Dilettantism*

‘Children are getting fatter…’
Yes, I can see this matters,
Though the focus of culpability
Is not much under scrutiny,
Newsreels headlining ‘obesity’¹
Arguably missing the mark, you see- 265 more words

Quote of the Day- March 30

There is nothing more uncommon than common sense.

Frank Lloyd Wright

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Why Repubs Won't Dump Trump: YET!

If there is one thing most people can agree on is that the wheels of Congress grind slowly, if at all. Even when one party holds the majority in both houses of Congress, things always proceed at a snail’s pace. 615 more words


Hatred and Bigotry Are Not Valid Ideologies, Political Opinions, or Viewpoints

There’s been this ‘controversy’ about something in the non-political sphere lately having to do with video games, specifically Playtonic Games’  Yooka-Laylee, releasing April 11th, 2017. 427 more words

Common Sense