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Defense in Depth as a Revolutionary War Battlefield Tactic

Part 4
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As we have seen, two untrained, amateur, but very effective soldiers perfected the concept of the defense in depth during the campaigns of 1781. 427 more words

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Forging a State: The Western Virginia Campaign of July 1861-Part IV

Robert Garnett received word of his army’s defeat at Rich Mountain on the night of July 11.  He had to move quickly, as a Federal force advancing from the Rich Mountain battlefield that occupied the town of Beverly would be in a position to cut off his line of retreat back to the Shenandoah Valley. 695 more words

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Discovering Your Civil War Past: V

Welcome back to our much-delayed next installment of this interactive blog series on researching your Civil War ancestor or individual soldiers of interest. 282 more words

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Discovered: Female Soldiers At Gettysburg

Mary Virginia Wade – better known as “Jennie Wade” – was the only woman shot and killed at Gettysburg. Or so the story goes. But is it true? 952 more words


Review: "Texans at Gettysburg" by Joe Owen and Randy Drais

In an army full of storied units, the Texas Brigade certainly stands among the tallest. Their hard work during the Seven Days set a tone they carried with them like the Lone Star through the rest of the war. 596 more words

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The Future of Civil War History: Dwight Hughes (part two)

Understanding a historical period such as the Civil War and judging it are two different processes. Understanding must come first or judging simply becomes prejudice, that is, “pre-judging.” This is as true when viewing ancestors as when evaluating contemporary people and events. 1,067 more words

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Indocent Exposure

Or, Confusion into Confusion.

Docents and volunteers: the backbone of any non-profit organization, right?

Well…sort of. I’ve worked with docents for more than a decade, and along the way I’ve learned what does and doesn’t work. 519 more words

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