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Watching birds in my garden has had to take second place this month in the wake of travels to Boksburg and Cape Town as well as hosting several visitors in between. 777 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself (III) I'm With Him

European Starling (Sturnus vulgaris)

Even though these feisty birds are present year round, they remind me of Spring-time. I find myself longing for warmer days, sweet air and the birth of color to the world around me. 9 more words


Star(lings) of the Show!

An earlier mystery was solved today; that flock of birds I mentioned in a previous post? Starlings. Common, or European as they’re also known. If I was a starling, I’d insist on European, sounds so much more exotic. 22 more words

Message In The Sky

I’m living at a home that is owned by my cats. They have chosen me as their housekeeper in life, so here I am.

Generally there are a couple of paw fights during the day, like “this place is mine, that is not your space” kind of arguments. 469 more words


Starling (family Sturnidae)

It seems like strange and exotic species tend to dominate this blog (and indeed, most talk about animals). There are some good reasons for this: many of those species are very charismatic (like lions and tigers), or very strange looking (tenrecs and aye-ayes for example). 577 more words


Starlings at the Tower

Visiting the Tower of London we saw this starling couple. At least I think they are a couple. I suppose the one with raised feathers is a male and the busy one is a female. 38 more words