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#HackingBugs for autonomy

Something has gone lost in our society. To be honest, a few things are lost. We can not trust the so-called sustainable products, definitely not after the Volkswagen scandal. 390 more words


5 Reasons Pope Francis' Encyclical on the Environment Matters

The first encyclical on the environment in the history of the Catholic Church has its detractors, but it also has the power to inspire meaningful climate action. 2,972 more words


L'économie du don

par Alexis Calvé-Genest & Heather Morrison (English version follows)

Y a-t-il d’autres modes d’échange que l’échange marchand? Surestimons-nous la place de ces échanges lorsque nous tentons de jeter un regard sur la nature des transactions humaines? 806 more words


The gift economy

by Alexis Calvé-Genest & Heather Morrison

Are there other modes of exchange besides the market? Are we overestimating the place of market exchange when we look at the nature of human transactions? 510 more words


The Commons as a Transformative Vision

It has become increasingly clear that we are poised between an old world that no longer works and a new one struggling to be born. Surrounded by an archaic order of centralized hierarchies on the one hand and predatory markets on the other, presided over by a state committed to planet-destroying economic growth, people around the world are searching for alternatives. 4,244 more words


Green Governance: Ecological Survival, Human Rights and the Commons

At least since Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, we have known about humankind’s squandering of nonrenewable resources, its careless disregard of precious life species and its overall contamination and degradation of delicate ecosystems. 4,293 more words


How Usury Encloses The Commons

(Left/Above: the Trillions that they rake in in Usury every year allow the Bankers to hire endless numbers of fools in pretty suits to explain it’s all for the greater good and they have their media parade these people before an ever more desensitized public. 1,598 more words