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Why the Mortality Rate for White Americans has Risen

The Atlantic has published an article by Olga Khazan about the rising mortality rate among white Americans. A portion of them are “despair deaths:” those resulting from suicides, drug overdoses, and alcohol-related liver disease. 148 more words

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The Repeal of Obamacare Comes with Economic Costs

Jan 6, 2017 (San Diego) Republicans are moving ahead with the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). According to a study published by the… 594 more words

How did you spend your $5000?

I had to quit my job because of the stress I had to endure was putting me at high risk for a stroke or heart attack and I couldn’t physically keep up anymore…

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Study: Fewer people skipping doctor visits under ObamaCare - BY PETER SULLIVAN - 12/21/16 12:01 AM EST

Fewer people skipped going to a doctor because they could not afford it in recent years under ObamaCare, a new study finds.

The study from the Commonwealth Fund… 202 more words

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Why the British love the National Health Service

By Andrew Street, Professor, Centre for Health Economics, University of York

The Second World War left the United Kingdom in ruins and in debt, yet just three years later in 1948 every household received a… 1,012 more words


Commonwealth Fund Hosts Health Care Delivery System Reform Program

Over the course of more than a decade, Dr. Mitchell Blutt has divided his time between his responsibilities as the chief executive officer of Consonance Capital and as a clinical assistant professor of medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College. 239 more words

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