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Exhibit your joy at the risk of gaining hatred

It’s summer. Every social media is flooded by pictures showing magnificent landscapes, stunning discoveries and huge smiles. Judging only by this array of beauty, we might believe that the whole world is on vacation. 300 more words

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Did You Think Police Brutality Was Confined To Blacks? Think Again (Videos)

Thank you Onnovocks, a trusted contributor to FTL, for sharing this link  and several other videos.


statement would be: “it rarely happens to rich people”, the evidence, though overwhelming, is worthless if ignored.

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Failure To Listen

A Letter to My Fellow Cast Members

Dear Cast (or, as Haley would say, my “Oklahomies”),

Wow. What a journey. Can you believe it’s actually over? It feels like it was just yesterday that we started rehearsal, yet at the same time I feel like I have known you all forever. 697 more words

The Three Zones of Trans Community Involvement v2

By request, I’ve updated this chart, which I created in response to an earlier chart, which I first created when I wasn’t very happy. 17 more words


Petition to keep the T in #LGBT has been created in Response to 'Drop the T' Petition

Yesteday I reported that a petition had been created to drop the T from #LGBT, which you can read here in my previous post.

You can view the petition here. 973 more words