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The Three Zones of Trans Community Involvement v2

By request, I’ve updated this chart, which I created in response to an earlier chart, which I first created when I wasn’t very happy. 17 more words


Petition to keep the T in #LGBT has been created in Response to 'Drop the T' Petition

Yesteday I reported that a petition had been created to drop the T from #LGBT, which you can read here in my previous post.

You can view the petition here. 973 more words


5 Things We Understood After Being with Children.

Being in a social sector helps you in so many ways. It helps you in understanding the society you live in, helps you in understanding different people and more importantly it helps you in understanding yourself. 606 more words


A Biking Story

I have a story that I know some people will be amused by. I didn’t really share my bumblings around in Montreal, like I blogged about when I went to Munich. 602 more words


Etsy Montreal Fair

I’ve participated in an artisan fair once, and it was a great experience. I sold a lot of paintings and drawing that had been homework assignments for school. 377 more words


#RecreateYourCity: Cyclists pocket square Curitiba

A Civic Ecology project that has radically transformed the old city centre of the Southern Brazilian city of Curitiba.

In the old centre of Curitiba city there has been something very powerful happening over the last year… Citizens are starting to Re-imagine and Re-create the city. 1,238 more words