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Did You Think Police Brutality Was Confined To Blacks? Think Again (Videos)

Thank you Onnovocks, a trusted contributor to FTL, for sharing this link  and several other videos.


statement would be: “it rarely happens to rich people”, the evidence, though overwhelming, is worthless if ignored.

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Failure To Listen

A Letter to My Fellow Cast Members

Dear Cast (or, as Haley would say, my “Oklahomies”),

Wow. What a journey. Can you believe it’s actually over? It feels like it was just yesterday that we started rehearsal, yet at the same time I feel like I have known you all forever. 697 more words

The Three Zones of Trans Community Involvement v2

By request, I’ve updated this chart, which I created in response to an earlier chart, which I first created when I wasn’t very happy. 17 more words


Petition to keep the T in #LGBT has been created in Response to 'Drop the T' Petition

Yesteday I reported that a petition had been created to drop the T from #LGBT, which you can read here in my previous post.

You can view the petition here. 973 more words