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Communal Violence in 2015 - Rise in Hatred and Polarization

Neha Dabhade

Communal violence, polarization of communities and the institutionalization of hatred it results in; have emerged as most the prominent threats engulfing the country in the year 2015. 2,110 more words

The Feminist

Rape with in a Cycle of Violence

To understand why rape is so prevalent in our society, perhaps we should discuss some of the more obvious aspects of the phenomenon-in particular two crucial aspects. 522 more words

Intoleraception -The Right to be Offended

Ah, my country. My beloved India… I feel so disappointed writing this post coz, once again, we have shown the impatience and (dare I say this too early) … 1,442 more words


Bhagat and the 'Bourgeoisie'

During the 2014 general elections, I heard a lot of people countering arguments against Narendra Modi with the claim that those criticizing him only did so because, being snooty and elitist, they were naturally terrified by the prospect of a mere tea seller getting elected to the high post of the Prime Minister of the nation. 770 more words


Cow a.k.a murderer

For the last month or so, our country has been grappling with a strangely painful issue. The strangely painful nature of the issue seems to stem from the fact that it revolves around a practice that has been in adoption for eons but has suddenly become hostile to the level of tolerance that we, humans, or at least a faction of humans have. 1,055 more words



It is a belief that religion based communities form distinct and separate national units. Hence, followers of a religion are believed to share not only common religious interests, but also common political, social and cultural interests. 569 more words

General Studies

Fifteen Minutes of Fame

In the aftermath of the Nirbhaya gang rape case, I found two responses dominated on the part of regular citizens of the country – those who declared outrage at the state of women in Delhi and the nation at large, and those who expressed outrage at the state of women in Delhi and then declared things weren’t as bad in their own city, thank god. 704 more words