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Going off the grid:

Commune living has become a more common concept and idea for a lot of people who want to escape the rules impinged on them by the government and society. 684 more words

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Just Suppose

Just suppose you had a mother who had brought you to a hippie commune, when you were ten, that turned out to be a cult, and even after she left – because the money managers wouldn’t let her have a bit of extra cash to do something she wanted, although she was one of the reliably highest earners – you stayed because all your peers were there, even though there were predators too that you had to try to stay away from, and after your mother knew what happened to you, and her other children, she described her time there as the ‘highlight of her life’, and then, as time went on, and you underwent therapy, and groups, and medication, and everything you could think of to try to heal from the trauma of that place, your mother went to a ‘reunion’ they have every year, and even though you have told her several times that you want nothing to do with many of those people, or that place, she calls you on her cell phone while she’s there, and you know this because she broadcasts her call, telling you that ‘everyone says hi and sends their love’, and you are taken aback, but say hello to your mom, and quickly end the call, left in confusion: is my mother trying to convince me that my time there was valuable?, or is she under pressure from the group-speak who told her that her children should be there, or are missed, or whatever fucking control they are still exerting, and you are left feeling ten again, unprotected, left to the wolves, but then you realize that you are in control of your destiny – as far as life will let you – and you want to scream at your mother, but she’s your mother, so you hasten your goodbye, and you don’t know if you should disconnect from your eighty-five year old mother, whom you love, or try to compartmentalize this shit – again – and then you’re completely pissed off that she chose them over you – AGAIN – but did she?   145 more words

Sunshine Superman

Hello from the Dogpatch! This image would exemplify our new motto, assuming love still retains potential for sufficient rising dramatic tension. We’re pretty sure it does. 1,992 more words


Photo Show: theprintspace Photovoice Awards London winner announced tomorrow

As promised, a quick post to wish Jonathan Goldberg, a former Tri-Pod workshop participant, and Zoe Childerley the best of luck at theprintspace Photovoice Awards tomorrow. 232 more words


Cure to the Curse of Eve.

I wrote a blog post a couple months ago titled “The Curse of Eve.”  In it I wrestle with my struggle of being a creative woman with ambition while trying to be a good mother and yet feeling totally torn between my evolutionary biology and feminist worldview. 733 more words

The Post-God Side

How building Kibbutz in Egypt could change everything for poor neighborhoods

About 60 or 70% of Cairo is made up of ramshackle informal settlements and shanty towns which have been mushrooming since the mid- seventies. The hideous urban sprawl is gobbling up the limited Egyptian agricultural patch as the weak state of the mediocre Mubarak lack(s) comprehensive socio-economic development plans for the bulk of Egypt’s population. 992 more words


The Benedict Option: Turn on, tune in, drop out (now with more Jesus and hierarchy)

Almost fifty years ago, counterculture guru Timothy Leary proclaimed the need for America’s hippie youth to “turn on, tune in, drop out” of square mainstream society by using psychedelic drugs and creating their own spiritually aware communities. 823 more words