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The Cultural Revolution

Like much of China, the Cultural Revolution (known more officially as the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution) is mired in mystery and intrigue. Few would recognize – let alone fathom – that almost 45 million Chinese (estimates vary from 30 to 45 million) died during a period of roughly twenty years between the Great Leap Forward in the late 50s and early 60s; and the Cultural Revolution of 1966-1976. 1,424 more words

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Claire Vaye Watkins, Gold Fame Citrus; Mireille Juchau, The World Without Us - TLS

California has turned to desert, its skies have stopped raining, rivers all emptied and aqueducts run dry. This is the premiss of Claire Vaye Watkins’ arresting first novel, … 1,259 more words


Alternative Living: Housing Cooperatives...

To continue my investigations into alternative living options, I found out about this particular option several years ago. There are co-operative’s in the city I live near. 210 more words

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Nudism/Naturism: Of communes, colonies and other living arrangements

Great minds think similarly, if not exactly alike, sometimes.

Today I woke up in a hippie kind of mood, starting off my day viewing and listening on YouTube to Country Joe and the Fish doing the “fixing do die” thing at Woodstock . 289 more words


Chinese Communes...

Our idea of communes favors more hippy movement than governmental control, however, that is exactly what happened under the Chinese leader, Mao Zedong’s administration from 1958 to 1983. 194 more words

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Seniors’ Communes : A necessity for the modern-age elderly in India

Compared to other countries in Asia, where people are ageing at a much faster pace, India can still boast of a young population with the median age estimated to be 28 years. 364 more words

Tolstoy, Mother Earth News, and Can’t We All Just Get Along?

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Sometimes I think I should apologize to my friends and readers. Conventional blogging wisdom tells authors to select a topic, write about it widely and deeply, and provide usable and shareable content for readers. 593 more words

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