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Community can overcome corporate oppression 

Vicky Rhineer wrote the following in response to Brandon Weber’s 9/26/2015 post on ‘Beautiful words. from author Arundhati Roy’. “I already stopped buying as I had in the past. 342 more words

I Can't Keep Quiet About ...

Where the Aged Live (and Eat) 2030

Possibly your grandparents or great grandparents went to The Old Folks Home or even a Sanitarium (!)

Your parents or grandparents maybe went to a Retirement Home. 803 more words


Going off the grid:

Commune living has become a more common concept and idea for a lot of people who want to escape the rules impinged on them by the government and society. 684 more words

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Sunshine Superman

Hello from the Dogpatch! This image would exemplify our new motto, assuming love still retains potential for sufficient rising dramatic tension. We’re pretty sure it does. 1,992 more words


Photo Show: theprintspace Photovoice Awards London winner announced tomorrow

As promised, a quick post to wish Jonathan Goldberg, a former Tri-Pod workshop participant, and Zoe Childerley the best of luck at theprintspace Photovoice Awards tomorrow. 232 more words


Cure to the Curse of Eve.

I wrote a blog post a couple months ago titled “The Curse of Eve.”  In it I wrestle with my struggle of being a creative woman with ambition while trying to be a good mother and yet feeling totally torn between my evolutionary biology and feminist worldview. 733 more words

The Post-God Side

How building Kibbutz in Egypt could change everything for poor neighborhoods

About 60 or 70% of Cairo is made up of ramshackle informal settlements and shanty towns which have been mushrooming since the mid- seventies. The hideous urban sprawl is gobbling up the limited Egyptian agricultural patch as the weak state of the mediocre Mubarak lack(s) comprehensive socio-economic development plans for the bulk of Egypt’s population. 992 more words