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Alternative Living: Housing Cooperatives...

To continue my investigations into alternative living options, I found out about this particular option several years ago. There are co-operative’s in the city I live near. 210 more words

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Nudism/Naturism: Of communes, colonies and other living arrangements

Great minds think similarly, if not exactly alike, sometimes.

Today I woke up in a hippie kind of mood, starting off my day viewing and listening on YouTube to Country Joe and the Fish doing the “fixing do die” thing at Woodstock . 289 more words


Chinese Communes...

Our idea of communes favors more hippy movement than governmental control, however, that is exactly what happened under the Chinese leader, Mao Zedong’s administration from 1958 to 1983. 194 more words

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Seniors’ Communes : A necessity for the modern-age elderly in India

Compared to other countries in Asia, where people are ageing at a much faster pace, India can still boast of a young population with the median age estimated to be 28 years. 364 more words

Tolstoy, Mother Earth News, and Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Copyright 2016, Dennis Mitton

Sometimes I think I should apologize to my friends and readers. Conventional blogging wisdom tells authors to select a topic, write about it widely and deeply, and provide usable and shareable content for readers. 593 more words

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A Modern Commune...

Lammas – A Pioneering Ecovillage in West Wales

During my research into communes for this year’s blog post project, I have learnt a great deal about the variations of communes, their history and the future prospects of communal living. 79 more words

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Alternative Living - Communes...

As I embark on the revision and editing of my speculative fiction novel, Life in Slake Patch the unusual living arrangements in the story will be the basis for my weekly Wednesday post. 174 more words

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