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Dr. Huong is one of PATH’s longest-standing employees. Since joining PATH in 1997 as a Project Officer, he has worked across a broad array of projects in vaccine introduction, maternal and child health, malaria control, and many more. 416 more words


Press Statement DG of Health 7th November 2018 - Malaysia Zoonotic Malaria and the Prevention Program in Malaysia

The Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) takes note of the article entitled Malaysia is ground zero for the next malaria menace which was published in ScienceNews on the 4th November 2018 and a report published by The Malay Mail entitled “ 721 more words


IIT Roorkee team uses tamarind seed protein to treat chikungunya

IIT Roorkee researchers have found that a protein (TCLL) in tamarind seeds binds to NAG sugar molecule on chikungunya virus and reduces infectivity by 64% and RNA levels inside infected cells by nearly 45%.  774 more words


First locally acquired case of West Nile virus

A Seattle resident has tested positive for West Nile virus, making this the first locally acquired case of West Nile virus reported in King County. 755 more words

Kenyataan Akhbar KPK 9 Oktober 2018 - Status Terkini Kejadian Keracunan Makanan Yang Disyaki Berpunca Dari Laksa Yang Dibeli Dari Premis di Kupang, Baling Kedah

Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) ingin memaklumkan status terkini kejadian keracunan makanan (KRM) yang disyaki berpunca dari memakan laksa yang dibeli dari premis di Kupang, Baling Kedah seperti yang dilaporkan dalam kenyataan akhbar pada 8 Oktober 2018. 346 more words


The Hepatitis C Test & Cure Project

In the U.S., hepatitis C virus (HCV) causes approximately 20,000 or more deaths a year and the rate of new HCV infections is increasing, fueled largely by the nation’s opioid epidemic.   447 more words