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Formal and Informal Communication

Difference between formal and informal communication

The difference between formal and informal communications has nothing to do with whether the communication is “grammatical” or “ungrammatical”. It is register that distinguishes formal from informal communications and it includes tone of voice, vocabulary and syntax. 568 more words

Business Communication

From transaction costs to network effects

Resonance occurs whenever two things vibrate in tune. If you strike a tuning fork, an identical fork on the same table will begin to vibrate. Energy is continuously exchanged between the forks, which are in resonance. 778 more words

Digital Work

Going to Seminary | Part 13

It’s early spring 1973.
My father’s response is unexpected and disheartening. I’ve just told him I’m going to go to seminary to earn a degree in Bible and Theology. 637 more words

Spiritual Formation

Who is Jane?

Let’s talk about Jane.  I write this from an imaginary place.  A writing desk, in a high up room in a castle.  The window is just a bare square in the middle of a stone wall.   411 more words


Early Marriage | Part 18

I’ve got empathy on my mind this morning. Or better, lack thereof. When I think about capacities I didn’t have when I married D, empathy is right there near the top of the list. 627 more words

Spiritual Formation