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Creating a positive impression when communicating with foreign business colleagues, business partners or clients requires more than good grammar and pronunciation. Effective communicators use a wide variety of communication strategies to express themselves. 180 more words

Communication Strategies

The Road to Effective Leadership (Part 2)

On Monday, we began our discussion on what it takes to be an effective leader in the global arena by taking a closer look at two very opposite kind of leaders that have emerged on the global stage: the front runner of the Republican Party, Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, and the spiritual leader of the Catholic Community, Pope Francis. 542 more words

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The Road to Effective Leadership (Part 1)

What is it that makes a spiritual leader like Pope Francis appeal to so many? How does a man like Donald Trump attract thousands of voters to align with his campaign? 523 more words

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The Life-cycle of a Company's Communication Systems

Today we wrap up our discussion on communication by taking a look at the role it plays in the life-cycle of an organization. Just as communication touches nearly every element of our lives, it also affects every component of an organization. 478 more words

Organizational Management

Tell Me More: A Powerful Tool

I was recently listening to a podcast with a segment about communicating with Alzheimer’s patients. It was discussing the use of the “yes and” technique from improv comedy. 288 more words

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Presenting communication strategies

During the second session about communication strategies we worked in teams where each team had a specific scenario for which they were supposed to answer a series of questions and prepare presentations for the others. 95 more words


The art of finding an audience

Almost to the day a year ago I wrote a post on audience engagement, talking about five points I believe are essential when it comes to reaching the point of meaningful interaction with an engaged audience, and the harnessing of that power in the long run. 699 more words