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We are to rejoice evermore. There is no sadness in the spirit. It is happy and free, for it knows neither depression nor confusion, and we belong to It, are in and of It. – Ernest Holmes


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Outlines: example of a mon & its outline explained (Mayteee!)

There are different kinds of outlines we can prepare, depending on our approach and purpose. I’m attaching a one-page Word document you need to print if you wish to understand why outlines are important and effective tools. 76 more words

Learning Tools

Six Basic Elements Essential in Making Sound Decisions

This week our posts are focused on the concept that the decision-making process is a skill. Once we accept this premise we can understand better, that this skill, like any other we focus on, can and usually will improve. 949 more words

Organizational Management

How Good Are Your Decision-Making Skills?

Welcome back to our discussion this week on the decision-making process. Today our post contains a survey that was designed to help assess how effective our decision-making skills are by identifying some of our strengths and weaknesses. 802 more words

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Admit Emit Omit

“How are you?” The truth is not always welcome here.

For many people, asking, “How are you?” is mere punctuation to aid the flow of conversation. 367 more words

The Effects of Social Learning

On Monday, our post was focused on why U.S. Citizens observe Columbus Day because for many of us, our views of the historical event have changed. 657 more words

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Columbus Day

Many U.S. citizens were taught in school that Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492 proving for the first time in history that the Earth was indeed not a flat object. 1,189 more words

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