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Do You Love Your Job?

(Original Post May 2013)

Leaders encounter a variety of challenges when it comes to hiring new employees. In my book, Breaching Communication Barriers (2013) I reveal that communication skills are one component that can influence what we understand about the companies we work at as well as how to respond to and work with fellow staff members more productively (Berry, 2013) In addition, during times of downsizing, employers rely on existing staff members to step in to pick up the extra work load. 640 more words

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The Law and Ethics

(Original Post August 14, 2013)

Ethical theories help individuals to decide what is morally right. The concepts of right and wrong are determined by the group to which one belongs to. 926 more words

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Corporate Leadership (Part 1)

(Orginal Post July 26, 2013)

Executives have the power to shape corporate culture and motivate ethical conduct. Most leaders consider themselves ethical. Some, however, question whether ethics is a relevant component of leadership. 966 more words

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Set It Off

Many of us were raised with the admonition, “Don’t burn your bridges.”  The purpose of that statement was to encourage you to keep all of your options open.  135 more words

Generation WHY?

You can’t tell Generation Y to do something without explaining why. I had no idea how long this idea has been in the public domain but I had never come across the saying before.  212 more words

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Day 3 of the #yourturnchallenge asks us to blog about something that we think should be improved.

For me, it’s communication.

Without good quality communication, misunderstandings and conflict occur. 170 more words

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Save Water? A call for more Research on Communication

Press Release – UN Water Annual Conference

Save Water?
Communicate and share better in 2015

Our call for more communication research
to water resources management…  338 more words

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