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Terri Murphy's Real Estate Presentations

Has the time come to take your real estate sales to a new level? With four and a half months left in the year, there is still time to see progress. 229 more words

Communication Strategies

Terri Murphy Hosts Real Estate Mortgage Shoppe

Are you struggling to get your sales numbers to where you want them to be? You know you have it in you, but the results aren’t backing things up. 222 more words

Communication Strategies

Terri Murphy’s Real Estate Programs

Are you determined to make this your best business year yet? Whether you had a fantastic first half, or have some ground to make up, there is still five months left in 2017. 219 more words

Communication Strategies

Terri Murphy Discusses Your 'Daily Score'

Are you struggling to gain firm control of your sales goals for the year? You know what you are capable of achieving, but the numbers aren’t quite backing it up yet. 237 more words

Communication Strategies

Terri Murphy Discusses Working With Veterans

It isn’t easy to make your mark in the sales industry. After all, if it was, everybody would be experiencing great success in the field. However, those in sales (and especially real estate sales) understand just how difficult the process can be. 204 more words

Communication Strategies

10 Tips to Improve Your Electronic Communication Etiquette

Is etiquette too old-fashioned for digital communication? In an era where many social media, email and text users seem to put little thought into choosing their words, communication etiquette can set you apart with relatively little effort. 743 more words


Bring Photos To Your Real Estate Listings

Are you struggling to meet your sales expectations this year? It can be very difficult to standout in the real estate sales industry, especially without the right approach. 227 more words

Communication Strategies