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National Summer Learning Day

Authored by Danielle Latta, SLCO Youth Services Afterschool Program Manager

National Summer Learning Day was celebrated on July 14th in Summer Programs across the nation.  This incentive, led by the National Summer Learning Association (NSLA), highlights the importance of keeping kids learning, safe and healthy every summer.  579 more words


Does Pokémon Go Have Health Benefits?

Authored by Khanh Tong, Salt Lake County Youth Services Case Manager

Adults and children are heading out of their homes and into the streets to catch Pokémon, and it has been a great health benefit for many since the game encourages people to walk t… 327 more words


Mom's Final Gift

A Life Lesson Learned At Mom’s Funeral

Wow. What a title, right?  I hope I didn’t scare too many people off with that one.  Oh man, this is gonna be too heavy for me. 1,943 more words


Do The Right Thing In Your Social Media Community!

Each of us must rededicate ourselves to serving the common good. We are a community. Our individual fates are linked; our futures intertwined; and if we act in that knowledge and in that spirit together, as the Bible says: “We can move mountains.” … 2,321 more words
Business Tips

Have a Two-Way Say!

Effective communication has played a large part in The A Team’s success. Communicating effectively isn’t as easy as it sounds. It takes practice but when done consistently can be a real game changer. 411 more words


Summer Youth Technology Use

Authored by Sally Hannon
Afterschool Program Coordinator, Lake Run Elementary

The weeks prior to children returning to the school year are among the least structured and least supervised span of time, and thus present unlimited entertainment and… 279 more words


Is Your Man a Liar? How To Tell If Your Boyfriend or Husband Is Lying To You

“If You Suspect Your Man Might Be Lying To You or Cheating On You – But You Just Can’t Prove It Yet…”
We’re relationship coaches Susie and Otto Collins and if you’ve got that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach that your man may be lying or even cheating on you, but you aren’t sure–then we want to help you get to the truth. 269 more words