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Commercial Email and the CAN-SPAM Act- What every business owner needs to know!

Many of my friends have extensive email lists they use for marketing their products, services and companies. Because violations of the CAN-SPAM Act are up to $16,000 per email… 651 more words

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7 Ways to Start Your Next Facebook Live

Your Facebook Live audience has many options. If you fail to capture their immediate attention, they’ll click and go someplace else.

The next time you go live on Facebook, rather than pressing the “Go Live” button and stumbling through the initial sixty seconds with an awkward hello or self-introduction, try one of these seven approaches. 436 more words

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The Streaming Lawyer Goes Back To School (and it was a blast!)

I just had an amazing experience joining two of Patricia Ragan Stokes‘ classes just outside Syracuse, New York. What’s especially cool is that I was able to do so via Skype from my office in Orange County, California. 92 more words

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Fake News, Adobe VoCo and Authenticating Evidence

For years, trial lawyers have had to deal with fake images created with Photoshop. During the recent Presidential election, the problem of fake news raised its ugly head by intentionally misleading the uninformed consumer with false facts and rumors. 233 more words

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Networking 30 Years Ago and Today

I started practicing law in 1986. Back then, it took lots of work and energy to meet new people and develop referral relationships.

Many late nights were spent away from my family at Bar Association and business meetings. 522 more words

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If You’re Doing Things Like Everyone Else, Then You’re Probably Doing Things the Wrong Way

Success isn’t easy. It takes focus, strategy and hard work.

One big problem I’ve seen over the past 30 years while representing hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners is as follows:   228 more words

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New Periscope "Professionals" Group

Breaking News- Periscope now allows for groups!

I’ve set up a new group for professionals who enjoy using live streaming to exchange ideas and build their businesses and companies. 208 more words

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