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How to make your clients LOVE you

Let’s face it.
You would not have a business without your clients OR if you don’t currently have clients without the ability to take on clients. 1,005 more words

Breda Stackpool

Vad är respekt och jämlikhet?

Jo, han talar i särklass mest? Håller långa utläggningar, predikande, klagar och gnäller över en massa… Avskyr dock att bli avbruten! Hon tvingas att lyssna. Får inte en syl i vädret, försöker hon så ser han rött! 363 more words

How Do Aggressive Communication Traits Impact Organizational Assimilation?

  • What inspired you to be interested in this topic?

We were inspired and interested in the topic of organizational assimilation because we were curious about the ways that people communicate affect how they establish themselves as contributors to their organizations.

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Organizational Studies

Valentine's Day

I am a hopeless romantic and when it comes to Valentine’s Day it is by far one of my favorite holidays.  Even though I am divorced, I am in a serious relationship of over two years, and me and my Significant Other (SO) butt heads on the holiday as he could care less of celebrating the day. 160 more words


Google to change the way some view search results in Europe

Google will change the way some in Europe view search results, according to the New York Times.

The change will involve removing some disputed links from all of its domains, including Google.com, when people in Europe use its online search engine. 25 more words


Dear Pre-Health student, you don't have to major in biology

Dear pre-health student, you don’t have to major in Biology.

I’v always known that I wanted to go to medical school. Well. Not always. I wanted to be a super star when I was younger, but that didn’t stick for very long. 490 more words