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You want me to do what???

Looking at her antics today there are times when I think our Kiera has an attitude problem. Here’s what happened.

As you can see below wet and wild was what we woke to this morning.   361 more words

Daily Life

Mind the Three "P's"...

Have you heard that old expression, “mind your p’s and q’s”? The actual origin of why we say “p’s and q’s” is interesting to look up, and there are several possible theories. 494 more words

Happy Friday Magnificent wives. I don’t know about you but I am happy it is Friday. It has been a hectic week. From family visiting (which was amazing :)) to studying for an exam to a sick hubby. 524 more words


Tip 16: Keeping the Conversation Mutual and Avoiding Narcissism

Most people can talk about themselves to seemingly no extent. We are our own favourite topics. But this doesn’t only refer to people always bringing themselves up in conversation. 665 more words


Early Morning Conversations

In the past I have written and shared with readers my responsibilities as a teacher and morning care supervisor. Or at least I have shared my experiences and my philosophy of teaching and developing relationships, a diversity of thought. 1,174 more words

Practical Theology

Why we love "Ghosting" People in 2016

In this day and age, if people do not want to talk to someone they “go ghost”. Ghosting means to disappear in a ghost like fashion from someone’s life. 662 more words


Communication and Mental Illness

I had a very good conversation with a coworker today about communicating with loved ones who have been diagnosed with mental illnesses. Her husband has anxiety and depression, which brings a different dynamic to their marriage, and she’s been struggling with communicating with him because she’s afraid she will upset him. 693 more words

Bipolar Disorder