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A New Found Love

You have a voice, an idea, and some level of ability. That is really all you need to start a blog. But instead, you wait. You have a number of excuses, but really, you are just scared to start. 594 more words



The topic “The World Remade” has stirred many thoughts in me. I, the creator of a new world, itself an amazing thought and I wish it could be true. 645 more words

Zudin Speaks

A Second Ride on the Crazy Train

A couple of days later (literally two – first time we met up was Monday, and he came over again on Wednesday afternoon), my awkward pillow talker graced me with his presence again. 444 more words


Benefits of Sign Communication for Babies

By: Amanda Nagle, MA, CCC-SLP/L

Sign communication is an easy way to give your child a way to express herself before she is using spoken words.  230 more words

a Cosmo test?

Every time I see an article that starts with “Take the true test of a good marriage…”, I always have to laugh. If you have reached that low point in your marriage where you would have to “ 149 more words

All Kinds Of Advice

Destination - Unknown 

I feel like I’m in serious danger of crossing into the unknown yet again.

My emotions change by the hour, it used to be daily or on an A.M/P.M basis. 552 more words

Interesting Pillow Talk

After quite a long hiatus, I am back to share my stories. This doesn’t mean I’ve been in a dry spell (far from it, I’m backlogged with over 10 blogs to write…) but between moving, the new job, and seeking out blog material, I haven’t been too keen to write about my… 666 more words