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Filtering and Writing Emails

Filtering Emails

The emails are really good idea that the school thought of. I’ll give them that credit. It lets you know what is going on through out the school. 393 more words


Paquito Quote for the Day 07

Unlocking the secrecy code, why it comes to be the norm of intelligent work force of the society? If it is a secret why it needs to be broadcast and be heard by those people who were left out of the situation or reasonably behind the beliefs of causing panic or misconception to achieve a certain goal. 149 more words

Social Media

The Signs ...

Is your child a cyber bully?

You could be asking yourself this question, or someone may have posed this question to you. Of course, the initial reaction would be to believe your child is… 247 more words


Math G6 Classroom 20160925

Hello All,

We learned two definitions in the class today: Greatest Common Factor (GCF) and Least Common Multiple (LCM) .

Greatest Common Factor (GCF)

The Greatest Common Factor (GCF) 401 more words

Are You're Meetings Adding Value?

I consider myself to be incredibly lucky in many ways, some not so, but thankfully I haven’t been exposed to too many regular meetings during my career. 530 more words


Measuring Media

JRM 327 Social Media

After attending the Measurement Week event last Wednesday, I had left with a lot more information than I had originally anticipated. Using measurement online is a fairly new concept to me, especially since I feel as if this is an under advertised way of collecting data. 359 more words


Learning to Listen

I started to put my fingers in my ears.
I didn’t want to hear him speak;
the sound of his voice sickened me…
but then I remembered… 123 more words