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Photography and Defamiliarisation

As a student in Southampton, there were times when photos of people walking around The New Forest would pop up on social media multiple times a day. 1,542 more words

Get Better in 2020

As we prepare for 2020, take some time to ask yourself some key questions.  When many think of goals, they become overwhelmed by the sheer number of goals they believe they “should” have. 157 more words


What Do You Do? I'm Not Sure That I Even Have the Answer.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

So, it’s the second blog, and as I told you before, I’d mention often, that there is etiquette or protocol in almost everything we encounter. 682 more words


Read The Room.

I’ve reached the point in my life where I feel compelled to send people a bill for wasting my time or holding it hostage.

Weeks ago, I found myself being asked “Would you like the two minute version or the two hour version?” And not knowing what the appropriate response was, gave a non-committal shrug. 355 more words


2 - Posture

It has been a tough couple of weeks for me. None of the bad things happened that I expected when I started this project and linked it on my socials. 2,016 more words


Providing Effective Testimony with a Great Speech

I’m always fascinated to see and learn from great speakers. Abby Johnson testified at a Kentucky State hearing for the Hearbeat Bill, SB9.

What did she do as a speaker that was so compelling the bill received a unanimous vote? 124 more words


Gun 'em down

A tester had created loads of alerts and hadn’t disabled them. Jack sent a mass mail to rant about it, stating that any tests that can annoy others should always be cleaned up. 99 more words