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RF-Spy: Procurement on a Mission

I am on a mission. Yes, this is what I think every time I start a review of a project or a spend category – I am on a mission. 773 more words

Perception and Communication

We’ve all been fooled by our senses. Put your hand in lukewarm water after it’s been in a bowl of ice, and you’ll find it hot. 612 more words


OMG! I Am So...cially Awkward!

I am a social klutz!

Get me in a room with a crowd and I clam up, I simply don’t know how to read the scene. 769 more words

Personal Story

Meeting Halfway!

NOTE TO SELF: Yes, while I believe in defaulting to the one who has the bigger need, we for the most part, have got to collaborate and meet each other half-way! 121 more words

To shock to incite donations, how far can we go?

The end of the year represents a particular time framework for communication campaign since it brings to light social causes next to Christmas advertisement. This year, the non-governmental organization (NGO) Médecins sans Frontières’ (Doctors without Borders) ads with trash images of battlefield and refugees’ camps were sharing our favorite magazines ad pages with Santa Claus and glasses of Champagne. 407 more words


Here are your thoughts!

Thank you all of you for participating in the survey.

I am going to use today and tomorrow to reflect on what your views mean for me. 630 more words


Effective Ways to Better Interpersonal Communication Skills

Thanks to Joshua Uebergang  for the following article but, why have I reproduced this?

As an author you may be asked to lead a talk about one of your books, read a few passages and hold an author Q & A session. 475 more words

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