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I was discussing with a co-worker the variations of what support means to people when facing the same situation. The example we talked about was supporting a same sex marriage as a friend. 357 more words


On Being Wrong

So recently, I was wrong.
I know, right? This almost never happens to me. I am usually right. I bet you are, too.

I was wrong, but not in my content, my facts, I was wrong in my attitude. 361 more words

Example of a Poor Opening Statement - Alicia Silverstone

Here is an example of a poor opening statement.  I’m not hating on this speaker….I just want to show you an example of some of the things I’ve been speaking about regarding weak opening statements. 75 more words


The Worst Opening Lines When Speaking.

The first 30 seconds of any public talk is your ONE opportunity to reel in the audience. You can grab their attention, hook their interest, OR have them rolling their eyes and fiddling with their iPhones. 637 more words


Save your neck – take responsibility for communication

How often have you heard someone say something like, “He wasn’t clear in his request” or, “She’s not a good listener”? I hear these excuses quite often. 408 more words


Education, Italy, and Foo Fighters

I’ve had a couple of people comment that they’ve clicked into my blog because of the titles, just seeing how in the world I’d tie things together with a goofy title like that!   596 more words

Poetry and Creativity: crucial blocks in building leadership qualities

To lead people, walk behind them.

– Lao Tzu

Success and power can easily hinder our good intentions, making our egos rise like skyscrapers and constantly generate that insatiable need for more.

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