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Sitting in the classroom with a practised look of amazed submission. I made you feel that you were the only thing in my life at that moment, hanging onto your every words, laughing with you, grimacing with you and trying hard not to bore a hole in the ground when you asked a question.   108 more words


Beautiful Scars

One of the things I love most about the summer is my tan.

I have just enough Italian blood to get nice and tanned when I spend time in the sun. 1,071 more words


My recent inspiration

Hello Anthropost readers, for today I decided to post a video of an individual that I have personally been inspired by recently, and that is Neil deGrasse Tyson. 170 more words



In the middle of the last century, the invention of electronic computers revolutionized information processing. Then, the advent of networking infrastructure and protocols facilitated communication between computers, which allowed people to share information at a volume and speed that was never before possible. 146 more words

Health And Safety

“WifeCode™: Five Keys Every Wife Can Use To Unlock Her Power In Her Marriage”

Want A Stronger Marriage? Do you want to be a better, stronger, more powerful wife? Then you need to know the WifeCode™!

Learn the… 139 more words


Be Kind To You, In Case You Care

I want to focus on caring and kindness, we are essentially care-less, every time we indulge in negative thoughts, about anything, anybody and especially about ourselves. 163 more words

Prison Dad

I am fighting a battle with both my incarceration and the American Media for the duty of raising my child. How can I win?

Phone calls with in DOC are by law required to be comparativly priced and not grossly over Inflated. 276 more words