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Digital Communities: Viber

Introducing: Viber! An app to help you connect with friends and colleagues, no matter where they are, or what kind of phone you have!

We all know the struggle of having that one friend who doesn’t have an iPhone, or who’s network carrier is awful and never texts back. 577 more words

Love Quote Of The Day

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Now It's May 2016...

… and my series is over four years old.

If anyone has perused the other blog (the only difference in the URL is the word “the” at the beginning) you likely recognize how long I’ve been working on this project. 1,182 more words

The Roller coaster

I’ve never been one to enjoy being flung side to side, spun upside down and generally shaken up from the inside out.  The mere act of watching a video of the twists and turns, the giant dips and spins of a roller coaster is enough to make me queasy, nervous and have my heart beating just that little bit faster than it was a mere moment before.  422 more words


Are Brands Becoming the Media?

By: Agnieszka Walczak-Skałecka

They say that a psychologist’s favorite answer to most any question is “It depends.” It applies here as well.

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Public Relations

The Truth About Communication, And How It Can Save Your Relationship

Communication is vital to any relationship. Without it there will always be misunderstandings, fights, frustrations, confusions… But what kind of communication do you want? Do you want frequency or do you want meaningful, value-adding communication? 626 more words

Technology Effects Children Communication in the United States

Over the last ten years, children’s communication with their peers and family have decreased because of the intake of technology.

What is Communication?

Communication is a valued part of our society. 1,012 more words