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Kids these days

A friend of mine is a teacher in America. She’s been teaching a long time. As she was thinking about the start of the new year she posted this… … 178 more words


Heul doch! Türkische Diktatoren und deutsche Hetze

Ich interessiere mich eigentlich überhaupt nicht für Fußball. Immer nur mauern, immer schauspielern; immer erst fünf Sekunden auf dem Rasen herumrollen bis die richtige Kameraperspektive gefunden ist. 764 more words


So, what can a copywriter do for you?

Since becoming a copywriter, explaining what I do has become something which occurs regularly.

I recently gave a presentation at a networking group which included some examples of how a copywriter can help with your business’ writing. 900 more words


Mormon Comedian: Jenna Kim Jones

You saw her if you watched the “Epic” Documentary I wrote of last week, Meet the Mormons. Comedian Jenna Kim Jones was the narrator of that film and she did a great job. 58 more words


Advantages of live streaming

Live video streaming has not been with us for also extended, but rather it’s quickly acquiring rubbing and centralization of the individuals who are always on a watch out for later and inventive traditions of conveying content. 507 more words


The Lost Blog Post

When Paul McCartney and John Lennon were writing songs in the early Beatles days, they would come up with a memorable melody, piano riff or guitar riff, with no way of recording and saving it at home, before they could get to the studio. 199 more words


In my shoes

I have always loved shoes. I have a killer collection that ranges from perfectly comfortable and sensible flats, to impractical, not all that sensible – but damn gorgeous – heels. 785 more words