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Thanks for listening.

We argued for hours. Yes, some was my fault. I never have a problem taking blame and accepting the mistakes I made. You kept tearing my down though, telling my my feelings and thoughts were bullshit. 753 more words

Life And Living

“Don’t find fault, find a remedy.” (Henry Ford)

Henry Ford was an American entrepreneur, engineer, and founder of the Ford Motor Company. He revolutionized automobile production by designing his Model T Ford with a view toward mass production. 1,023 more words


Academic Complexity: A Sketch of Next University

The university is a place which has amassed an enormous amount of knowledge. In natural, social, medical sciences, legal sciences, literary studies, and the arts there is nothing which has not been studied, even though everything still needs to be known. 127 more words


Blessed Darkness.

We found ourselves under the “curse” of load-shedding, with the candlelight giving reflections of our faces. The stories we were sharing were like pulling out century old antiques for rediscovery. 738 more words

Project: Finishing your artwork

Letting work go to be signed off by a client is always a difficult thing for any designer/artist. The designer will always feel there is something that could be done differently or tweaked in another way and having a final deadline will force any designer to send off their work regardless of confidence. 4,537 more words


I couldn't possibly tell you that!

Inspired by The Erotic Journal Challenge by Bridget Delaney.

Embarrassing... Have you ever been embarrassed to ask your partner for something sexually? Have you ever had an embarrassing sexual moment? 273 more words

Preview | Digital transformation of social theory. A research update

Roth S. (2019) Digital transformation of social theory. A research update, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Vol. 146 No. September, DOI: 10.1016/j.techfore.2019.05.016 .

Proof available for… 173 more words