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God’s Own Book​-A Treasure: A Lyric

This is my favorite song that we sing about The Bible. It’s just so all encompassing about why we love it so. Whether we read it electronically or from pages, we don’t doubt its benefits. 204 more words


Shared office space - a delicate ecosystem

Just a few months ago, I moved into the very first office that has only my name on it. During my whole scientific career, I shared offices of various sizes with between 1 and 7+ people. 932 more words

The Privileges of Modern Day Communication

Last year Facebook asked me what’s on my mind, and when it came up in my memories, I thought I’d share my thoughts from then. 282 more words

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"the soul / is an onslaught"

I see things
That slay me;

I feel things
That slay me;

I hear what slays me;

You can’t see my face, now;
You can’t hear my voice, now; 7 more words


The Bridge of Communication

One phenomenon that I think sets us humans apart from all other living beings is the ability for complex communication: Language. Think about it, it is possible that we, unbeknownst to ourselves, on a daily basis utter sentences that never in the history of human kind have been uttered before. 471 more words