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Week 3: Research

Following on from the sketching activity I completed yesterday, I’ve spent today doing some more research which I hope I can use to inform my personas which I’m hoping to work on again next week. 2,606 more words


Is communication becoming too informal?

Communication. “Means of connection between people or places, in particular.” Many different categories of communication are used including verbal, non-verbal and written. Communication is very powerful as it connects one another and it helps build relationships but there should be a balance of how much we use of each category, we should try to get comfortable with all of them and continue to improve our communication styles. 192 more words

Social Media/Technology

10 Reasons Not to Worry About Being a Good Public Speaker

Tony Compton, Managing Director

Next time you’ve logged onto LinkedIn (or any social business site) – scroll down. Scroll, scroll, scroll until you reach the first picture you see from a recent industry event. 1,545 more words

The Community Associations' Winter Carnival 2016

Today was a day filled with children and activities definitely outside my comfort zone.  Today the Community Association held its Winter Carnival.  Today I played with children of all ages. 535 more words

Just Me And Some Words

mariewilliams53 reblogged this on ComeFlywithme and commented:

Sometimes, Cheryle, experiences outside of our ‘comfort zone’ can be the most inspiring experiences. It’s taken me many years to learn this as I’m shy, reserved, quiet and a little bit unsociable :))), but I find when I make the effort to do something which is unsettling, I derive great pleasure and a sense of achievement which (sometimes) spurs me on to get involved in other uncomfortable places. Thank you for sharing.

Dial 411

Incase anyone forgot 411 is the number one would dial in the US at least to call for information. In my opinion this is a defunct and archaic service, but I am sure there is some federal mandate that requires it to still be an option. 174 more words

Knowledge mapping technologies

Community member post by Jack Park

How can you improve your thinking – alone or in a group? How can mapping ideas help you understand the relationships among them? 1,039 more words


Life Changing Moments: When Emotional Self-Harm stops working...


This past month has been busy with a lot of changes.  When not writing a post, working, or going to necessary appointments, I’ve been sleeping and trying to practice self care. 657 more words

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