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Miscommunication.  I have been learning a TON about this in many different areas in my life.  It’s just better to get rid of it.  Ask for prayer when you need prayer, and share the reasons/circumstances if necessary.  973 more words



Remember those old westerns where there was a family living on a homestead, and the oldest son desperately wanted to get off the farm, but his parents wouldn’t let him go? 571 more words


Need you now

This is actually the title of a song – that my mother used to love. I never understood why, because she was never in the situation of needing “him” in the middle of the night.. 293 more words

Commitment Issues

To say I am ready to leave a relationship (job, housing situation, etc.) at the drop of a hat is being generous to my dedication. 482 more words


Introduction to Tarot: The Magician

This segment is for anyone who is starting to learn tarot and the meanings of the cards. I hope to provide some keywords, phrases and a summary to each of the major and minor arcana once a month. 204 more words



I apologize for not updating sooner but I have been busy since I last visited with you here; I’ve had to buy a new car and am still trying to obtain a small camper so I can get on the road permanently – something I have been trying to accomplish since last year when I left North Dakota with Moriah and Josh but haven’t been able to manage yet.  426 more words

Not Mine

Change without purpose strangles the spirit

For me, the worst change is one that negatively impacts me and I have no idea why it was made. I bet I am not alone. 76 more words