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How to stop catastrophizing (if you’re like me) while dating

I’m a very anxious person. My anxiety tripled after my divorce because it was so traumatic. The brain has a built in “negativity bias” which was intended to protect our ancestors from getting eaten by a saber tooth tiger, but isn’t so necessary in modern times. 1,344 more words

The will of the people

In an earlier blog post I shared the observation that a street demonstration is a manifestation of a failed democratic process.

To me it certainly felt like something of a ‘last resort’ at the Peoples Vote march in London, where folk of all ages united in a cheerful, peaceful and, I thought, powerful expression of ‘the will of the people by an estimated one million marchers. 366 more words


Third Sunday in Lent

[“The Humble Questioner,” a sermon for First Unitarian Church, Louisville, Sunday, March 24.]

I come from a tradition in which it’s customary to prepare a sermon as a reflection on a text – so here’s one text – it’s little proverb, actually, that according to tradition was collected by one of the wisest people who ever lived into the book of Ecclesiastes; here it is: 2,415 more words


The Watercooler Moments: 8 Tips for Remote Workers

Recently an article popped up on LinkedIn from Ryan Hoover (https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/problems-remote-working-ryan-hoover/), that discussed many of the issues telecommuters or remote workers face.

The problems he listed: 1,050 more words


How Organization Communicate Within Workplace

A memo is an essential instrument with this employee communicate and which you can records, suppose if any kind of meeting is take place and some employee do not know about meeting then it create problem so to solve this problem company use memo. 630 more words


History Taking #3

Introduction and presenting complaint

My patient is Thishara, a three years old boy from Mandawela( 17 kilometers from the Teaching hospital, Peradeniya.

The information is given by his mother Shalika who has completed advanced level education. 866 more words


Establishing Personal Boundaries

Hello my Beautiful Sisters,

Sorry I’ve been away but I will jump right into it. I have so much to share.

Establishing boundaries is an absolute necessity. 615 more words