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Perspective is Everything

I realized today that we cannot be fully open to what someone is saying if we are sitting on the edge of our seat waiting to negate someone’s words. 146 more words


Auditory Perception

I was reading an interesting thesis on the role of silence in contemporary society.  One of the points raised an interesting premise.  With the introduction of the written word, oral transmission of history and literature began to rapidly decline.  318 more words

Team's organization: using a physical whiteboard or being digital

You are working in an agile team, so you probably find a good idea using a kanban panel, a lean comm-cell or something like that. 459 more words


How to Say "No" to Selfish Friends

I can say that I have only ever had one selfish friend. This friend wanted me to spend time with him almost every waking moment and would turn manipulative when I said “no.” It took me a few weeks to learn to tell him “no” but when I did, his true nature came out and I ran from that toxic relationship quickly. 1,347 more words



Is this what other’s think when they look at how you live your life? If it’s not, we’re not living our life in the way God wants us too. 20 more words


Is Social Media Shifting To A New Direction

Have you noticed how Social Media is shifting?

No longer are business owners falling for the Fakers and Takers. Business owners don’t care about the games, tricks, scams and all the other crap that is currently involved in online sales & marketing. 160 more words



Este video es muy interesante.

Es cierto que los japoneses reciben cualquier cosa que se les entrega cuando están en una llamada.

Me acuerdo de que yo siempre entregaba mis exámenes donde me había ido muy mal a mi mamá mientras ella estaba haciendo una llamada.

Disfruta el video!!