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5 plus 5 always equals ten

Sticking to standards

Giving people second chances or multiple ones is human but far from sensible.
I give certain friends far too many chances and let my standards slip, while making up excuses for why they behaved that way, in doing so I am only letting myself down. 403 more words

The Listening Difference

Listening makes a significant difference in the quality of our relationships, but we often miss opportunities to be better listeners.

Listening is a profound sign of respect. 588 more words

Empowerment, Not Punishment, Fuels Ethical Behaviour

To promote ethical behaviour, firms should emphasise community, not only consequences.

In recent years, the financial sector has produced one shocking scandal after another. The latest outrage came when news broke of how Wells Fargo’s cutthroat sales culture drove low-level employees to open more than two million unauthorized customer accounts. 889 more words


The Key to Failure...

Someone has said, ”I do not know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.”

No one wants to experience failure, and many do not lead because they are afraid to fail. 74 more words

Is Your Leadership Useful?

Walking through a store the other day, I saw something and thought, “I need that.” Then I thought, “Need that for what?, Would I use it?” And then, the inner struggle started and wore me out mentally. 353 more words


Hikikomori - The Japanese's moral panic

 “Hikikomori is a condition in which the affected individuals isolate themselves from society in their homes for a period exceeding six months. The psychiatrist  579 more words