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How to Write Professional Emails

We’re all emailing all day, every day. They form the initial point of contact for so many of our conversations. With an increasingly global workforce, emails are generally the go-to method for communicating with colleagues across the world. 772 more words

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13 Reasons Why: Adults Need to Talk About it.

I plan to write an exploratory blog a post on why parents and teachers should watch 13 Reasons Why and talk about it with their teenage viewers. 208 more words


3 things patients expect from hospitals on social media

By Evgeniya Jung

If somebody told me just some years ago that hospitals would soon be using social media as a means to advertising their services and communicating with potential patients, I would be pretty surprised. 902 more words

Digital Healthcare

Seeing 111, 222, 333.. all the time!

Seeing 111, 222, 333.. all the time!

Today I want to talk about all these numbers I keep seeing all day long. I see them mostly on my phone or on my laptop’s time. 197 more words


Research: Cracking a Joke at Work Can Make You Seem More Competent

As a society, we often make judgments about people based on small snippets of their behavior. For example, we may judge a person’s confidence, competence, and status on the success of a single joke. 950 more words


freedom always

I am vegan. It’s 2017 and I live in Amsterdam. I’ve been vegan for more than 9 years, time in which I’ve had numerous occasions to observe a myriad of shifts in behavior and perspective towards veganism. 1,332 more words

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