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Happy Patients, By Design

The doctor in the poster looks confident, doesn’t he? He’s wearing a white coat over his shirt and tie, his arms are crossed, his gaze is fixed, his medical equipment is gleaming in the background. 682 more words

3 tips for how not to tick new potential customers off

3 tips for how not to tick new potential customers off 

There are still some sales folks around who will explosion vomit their solutions all over their potential customers followed by asking all but immediately for more business. 397 more words


Essential elements of an effective marketing strategy

An effective marketing strategy is based on the same  principles as any person to person interaction  – people will form their opinion about you based on your words, appearance and interactions. 808 more words

Small Business


Dressed in resignation
and chained by a sense of duty,
we brace ourselves for
being penned up in a room
full of people wearing
importance and faux smiles… 86 more words


Helping Young Children acquire english as an Additional Language

Tips for Preschool Staff when helping young children to acquire english as an additional language:

  • Ensure everyone feels welcome.
  • Build your relationships with the child and their family.
  • 92 more words

Play is the Universal Language

Play is the universal language and the children connect and interact together easily and fluidly through Play activities. Sometimes two children can be chatting to each other and they are speaking to each other in their own language and while they cannot understand their verbal language their non-verbal language is their shared, common and mutually-understood language. 179 more words


P. S

How many things we leave unsaid. Life comes with a ‘post script’ left unread.