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Website Writers, Developers Must Work in Tandem

Developing websites is far different than even five years ago. Website technology and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as examples, have changed considerably.

One thing, however, has not changed. 1,023 more words

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How far do you compromise pricing?

DEAR FIXING PICKLES: I’ve been back and forth with a potential client who has asked me to do a job for $30,000 when I sent a proposal to do it for $40,000-$60,000. 216 more words

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To speak up or keep quiet?

DEAR FIXING PICKLES: I was hired by a friend to make a video for his boss. I delivered as agreed, but feel he comes across poorly. 398 more words

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Looking good on a low budget

DEAR FIXING PICKLES, What’s a source for professional looking templates – for such things as event flyers, reports, and PowerPoint’s? The Microsoft Word templates are silly. 289 more words

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To use exclamation points or not use exclamation points; that is the question.

DEAR FIXING PICKLES, On email etiquette: using exclamation points in professional emails can seem young or flighty. However, not using them can make you sound upset or make it hard to convey pleasantries. 219 more words

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For Writers: Selling an Article to a Publication

Lots of advice exists out there for writers who want to get published. I’ve found that getting published requires following at least these three most basic rules: 308 more words

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10-Step Editing Checklist

  1. Spelling
  2. Misused words
  3. Apostrophes
  4. Commas
  5. Colons and semicolons
  6. Dashes and hyphens
  7. Other punctuation
  8. Run-on sentences
  9. Sentence structure
  10. Asides

— From Penny Knutson. Read the expanded version of her list and the rest of the article at Ragan.com.

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