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The Problem: Your nonprofit has been around for a couple months, or a couple years, but you still haven’t gotten anyone to commit a “big” cash donation. 646 more words


Lessons in communicating from Brexit

It’s true that not many of us will ever find ourselves in the position of running a big budget, high-stakes political campaign.

However, there are some lessons to be learned for us communicators from the Brexit fiasco that has played out over the last few extraordinary weeks in this country. 298 more words

Communications Advice

Small business? Can’t afford PR? Think again…

Many smaller businesses believe that because they haven’t got the cash for a retainer with an established PR firm, they can’t do communications well. This is not necessarily the case. 321 more words

Communications Advice

When to Send Out a Press Release

In communications, timing is everything.

After working hard on the language and tone of your press release, next comes the big question: “When should the release go out?” When determining the best time to send the press release, ask yourself, is the client seeking to minimize or  maximize exposure? 505 more words