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Puppies, Kittens, and the Iron Cross: Examining the Gender Normatives of Women in the Hate Movement


  Before discussing the topic of this paper, it may be important to first discuss what being female or the idea of “woman” means to me. This idea of woman that I have been trained, taught, subtly and not so subtly prodded to accept or envision is the main reason for choosing this subject: women in the hate movement. 4,325 more words

How media and communication drive social change: Evidence from BBC Media Action

Media and communication are powerful tools for social and behaviour change. Don’t believe me? Let this two-and-a-half minute video from BBC Media Action explain, with evidence to boot. 45 more words


Merlin's Family Restaurant

I have been working at Merlin’s Family Restaurant in Princeton MN for the past six years. I can’t even begin to explain to you how much this place means to me. 143 more words


"Hair" We Are, Naturally Rooted

– The Natural Hair Movement Adding Texture to Georgetown

The new black hair renaissance – the modern Natural Hair Movement – has its roots in America. 2,055 more words

Black Women

An English Major's Quarter Life Crisis

What is it about the twenties that makes you want watch an entire season of X-Files with a cup of hot cocoa while also wanting to go out with your friends until your legs give way. 669 more words


Essay: Dark Tourism and Mass Media

A large amount of tourism literature deals with the marketing and consumption of “pleasant diversions in pleasant places” (Strange & Kempa 2003, p.386), but a number of communications scholars have recently attempted to explore tourism sites of a darker nature. 1,422 more words