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Men Too, Can Be Cruel and Heartless

Do not judge one by their actions unless it is immoral. Listen first before you criticize.

I have a close female relative who had experienced a severe broken heart. 1,239 more words

Society & Everyday Life

The Archaeology Channel International Film and Video Festival 2015

The Archaeology Channel,  a program of Archaeological Legacy Institute (ALI), has just completed another successful annual International Film and Video Festival. Packed with insightful and provocative films as well as lively and important discussions on the significance of cultural preservation, this year’s festival touched minds and hearts with its depictions of how precious and vulnerable our world heritage is. 626 more words


Regulations and Standards for Wireless Medical Applications

This publication presents current regulations and standards for wireless medical applications within the ITU-R, Canada, and some other countries. It addresses medical implant communications systems, medical telemetry systems, ultra-wideband (UWB) medical radar imaging, the use of various communication networks for telehealth, and the emerging body area sensor networks. 38 more words

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How Chinese optical module chips like?

It is well known in the optical communications optical module dominate, and photonic chip is the heart of the optical module is the core of the optical communication system. 694 more words


Describe London in 3 Words: Unapologetic, Smorgasbord, Creative

*photo by Kimberly Bailey and her selfie stick

Look at me, a real-time blog post! We’re on the coach to Cambridge University and we have two hours to kill. 179 more words


A CSR Lecture to share... Being Socially Responsible

For want of somewhere else to keep or post it, here’s the text of a presentation I shared with my friends at Bedfordshire University in a guest lecture on CSR last year. 4,835 more words


Being Responsible

I enjoyed a great catch-up meeting this week with an old friend who is one of the gurus of the corporate social responsibility movement. Not that he called it, or calls it, that. 198 more words