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The Warmer City. Acceptance into a full time PhD program=relocation.

If someone asks me where I am from, I am proud to say Chicago, despite all of its problems, which seem to be in the news every other day. 575 more words


4 Tips for a Successful Job Interview

Job interviews are terrifying. Just saying ‘job interviews’ can cause tremors and evoke fear for many college graduates. And yet, it is an inevitable part of graduating. 320 more words


The Major Switch

Hello again!

The last few weeks of my life have revolved around making huge decisions that will determine my life trajectory (typical for an 18-year-old, really), so I figured this would be an easy topic to focus on today.   386 more words

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We’d love to hear your feedback about the current blog content and features, as well as your suggestions for improvement. 148 more words


Move from "storytelling" to "story-making" in your branding and marketing

Goes something like this, I think:

Old idea: Everything comes back to storytelling; that’s what the brain resonates around. If you’re in marketing, that’s what you should do. 501 more words

Fundamental Explainers

If you're an idiot, you probably think you're a genius

Cue it up:

This finding was not a quirk of trying to measure subjective sense of humour. The researchers repeated the experiment, only this time with tests of logical reasoning and grammar.

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Fundamental Explainers

Mayor Jackson Addresses Declining Use of Force in Cleveland Police

Today, Mayor Frank G. Jackson delivered a presentation to the public and members of the media that highlighted the declining instances of use of force by officers of the Cleveland Division of Police throughout his tenure as Mayor. 428 more words