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7th Time was a Charm

Ever since I was young, I’ve loved cars. I loved everything about them. I loved how they sounded; how it felt when an especially special car to me passed by and I felt like it’s presence was handpicked by God that fate made it happen to cross my path just for me. 312 more words


Media Convergence

Photo by freestocks.org on Unsplash

With current technological advances, we’re able to access the internet on nearly any electronic device.  Many internet users don’t even own a traditional computer. 285 more words

Communications At Syracuse

Everyone Needs a Little Rescuing

A year ago in October I adopted a dog. She had no name and no meat on her bones. She had been thrown from a moving van on the highway and left for dead. 358 more words

Hierarchical Churches - Ideological or Faith-Driven? Classical Management Theory as a Framework for Mission

Below is the final third of my project for COM 610, Queens University of Charlotte. This is the Findings and Implication section in presentation form. Take a look at the symbols below? 16 more words


The Learning Pyramid

I saw something a short while back that tweaked my BS meter into the red: the learning pyramid. According to research done by The NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science in the 1960s (… behaviorists, ugh) and… 516 more words


Design Collective NY, Inc. - Why You Should Use Press Releases to Boost Your Visibility

Every company or brand, no matter what the size, can benefit from a well-crafted press release. A press release is a tool used to share newsworthy information about yourself and your company.  277 more words

Design Collective NY

A letter to my friends – especially trans friends

I am shocked and horrified at all the bile that’s been flung around on social media lately and, judging by some appalling clips online, out in the world too. 853 more words