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5 Fast Ways to Spark Controversy On Social Media

Understanding a topic fully requires seeing it from all sides. In crisis management, this means getting inside the head of the corporation and the protester, the victim, the bystanders, and the aggressor to understand their often divergent perspectives. 1,238 more words


Top Writing Challenges for Short Nonfiction Video

“Helping people understand what can and can’t be communicated through video” and “Keeping viewers engaged” are two top sticking points for the video writers who attended my workshop during GV Expo this morning. 354 more words


My 10 favourite PR blogs

I present to you, in no particular order my favourite blogs!

MeltWater – http://www.meltwater.com/uk/blog/

MeltWater is the PR tool that provides access to a massive set of data that practitioners can use to listen to, engage with and understand their audience. 1,071 more words

When Is it Your Business to Correct Someone?

Have you ever been in a conversation when someone said something inaccurate, you corrected them, and then they became defensive? Or you pointed out a colleague’s shortcoming and discovered later they stopped talking to you because of it? 1,054 more words

Self Improvement

Content marketing in 90 seconds

Content marketing is the phrase used to describe an emerging marketing practice that has arisen out of fundamental innovations in digital and mobile technology. Here is a definition: 589 more words

Content Marketing

The Law Is Everywhere

Everywhere we look, we are governed by rules. There are rules at work, communicative rules, social rules and norms, there are rules you must follow to live in your apartment or house you rent, when to pay taxes . 470 more words

Back in time to help you win 2016!

Ok, so it’s been an incredibly long time since we last connected with you – and we apologise for the silence.

2015 has been the kind of year where everything seems to just come at once – and the tempo never slowed down! 255 more words