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Not long now...

My fellow Albanians…

In just over a week, the season proper starts again. The first game kicks off at 6 on Weds 3rd May at The Blades newly adopted home North Walls. 38 more words


Are we becoming Information Rich, but Knowledge Poor

The echo chamber is one of the more surprising evolution of our connected age. It is defined as a virtual digital-social arena which enables anyone with to present and amplify their views with other like-minded individuals without obstruction. 678 more words


Make Me... by Alice: Logo design

Small brands should remember their most effective trump card over bigger competitors: personality. It’s something Etsy shop Make Me… by Alice has in buckets! It made it a real pleasure to work on a new visual identity for the brand. 254 more words


Is the way you communicate holding you back? How to polish your technique. (a series)

We all think we’re pros.

We’ve been communicating for years, decades, and we’re pretty good at it.

Except when we’re not.

Whether you’d call yourself an expert or you’re just getting started on the journey of better conversations, we all have room to grow. 905 more words


The Benefits of ‘Implanting’ Into Your Clients’ Team

Agencies can often be viewed by clients as separate entities or outsiders to their brand and company. After all, we are not the same and that’s why they’ve hired us. 705 more words


Watching a broadway show for the first time

Americans embrace the Broadway culture. Back where I’m from (Malaysia), performing arts aren’t as appreciated as it is around here. So when my History in Musical professor assigned us to go watch a show and write a report about it, I was especially excited. 662 more words


Marketing and Megan

Photo Credit: Megan Eldridge

I got the opportunity to interview Megan Eldridge, who is a Marketing Consultant with Midwest Communications. Megan attended Indiana State University with a Bachelor of Science in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations and Image Management. 452 more words