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The Culture of the Concrete Jungle

“It’s like a jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder how I keep from going under.”

  • Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, The Message, 1982…
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Dark Brightness Returns In Times Like These

Announcing the return of Dark Brightness on two weblog platforms.

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Dark Brightness has been experiencing technical and political difficulties with his blog for at least the past six months. 251 more words


PR professionals: they walk among us

If you’re a fan of Absolutely Fabulous or W1A (to cite two examples) both of which portray PR in different ways – but mainly as a vacuous hive of excess, falsehoods and stupidity – then you’ve already stumbled across a small dose of the negative press that the industry tends to receive… 403 more words



Originally transport, the system of routes for moving vehicles, people or supplies, now, the kind of entities or messages actually exchanged in the process of communication (singular) like letters, telegrams, taped messages. 6 more words


Historical Tradition

I’ve read and heard about the “standard procedures” of the US Congress in its early days, especially during the time leading up to the Civil War. 377 more words


I abhor the Nestlé Pure Life commercial - here’s why

I just hate this commercial. Every time I see it I get absolutely furious. It is patently, obviously, in-your-face WRONG on just about every level. This is the latest Nestlé bottled water commercial, showing on Canadian TV.  1,799 more words

Updates And Points Of View

What do you get when you mix Agile, 15 Communications experts, Project Management, Motorsport, F1 and about 6 weeks?

A showcase of technology and innovation at Goodwood’s Festival of Speed! I project managed this event with the Siemens UK Communications team for around 6 weeks, with some of them working on it for several months to make it the success that it was. 530 more words

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