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Trust and Reinforcement

In groups with high trust, management attempts to reinforce workers usually work well. People are appreciative that management notices good performance and expends effort to recognize them. 585 more words

Enabling Actions

Three solutions for better FMCG marketing

Marketing: alchemy, magic or science?

Marketing is a profession often viewed with suspicion. Some see it as no better than medieval alchemy: a profession which attempts to turn worthless base metals into glittering items of value. 4,504 more words


Pushing the PR industry to adopt the Barcelona Principles

In change initiatives adoption doesn’t always neatly follow awareness. AMEC needs to help PR practitioners understand the urgency for change in embracing the excellent Barcelona Principles 2.0 – writes Scott Guthrie 909 more words



VoiceScapes is a group of audio actors, directors, sound engineers, writers and producers who met and worked together annually in Missouri at the National Audio Theatre Festivals.

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Internet on the go, radio in remote places.

  • WEBOOST: Get up to 32x stronger signal.
    • weBoost started more than 40 years ago producing industrial-strength antennas for cross-country vehicles and first responders. That technology powers both omnidirectional and mono-directional antennas to find and amplify signals that other antennas could never find.
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Camping Gear

Multimedia Processing and Communications Lecture Notes are now available!

Check out Eng’s Aid’s Multimedia Processing and Communications Lecture Notes of 44 pages! 52 more words


Some social channels are used one-way and so what

I’m bored of social media fanatics who see anything other than free-for-all conversation as bordering on malpractice. I know it’s called social media and that engagement can bring real benefits to organisations, from customer care on Twitter through to cracking jokes with young folk on Facebook who then recommend you to their mates or whatever. 207 more words