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Lessons from my favorite musician, Tori Amos, and the Lyme Wars

An offensively long essay about how life lessons from Tori Amos have helped me see that anger and rage can be useful, but in the end compassion, creativity and setting fire to long-held assumptions may be the only way to end the Lyme disease wars. 9,381 more words

Do you believe in our Political System? If not, why not?

Lee Hamilton, who is a senior adviser for Indiana University Center on Representative Government had an article on the Op Ed page of our local paper last week.   1,170 more words

Scientific Communications and the General Public

There is a phrase that Albert Einstein used – “You don’t really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother.” In my opinion, this quote is imperative to the training of current and future scientists. 838 more words

What's New at The Gabor Group!

Here at Gabor, we figure it’s time we have a space to keep you current on what we are up to.

We’ll take you behind the scenes at Gabor on an average day, of which no two are the same. 114 more words


Behind the Scenes: RECO Ad

The ask from RECO (Real Estate Council of Ontario) was to create an ad for the widely distributed home edition of Toronto Life. In a topic dedicated publication a message can get lost in all the same noise. 41 more words


Dating in the Trump Era -- Do Political Differencies Matter?

A good piece in a recent issue of the Financial Times  (FT Wealth) discusses different political views on dating and relationships during the Trump era. 168 more words