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Hurricanes and Assumptions.

Any crises we face can be an opportunity to lean on our strengths and shore up our weaknesses.

In South Florida where I live, this past week has been wearisome, to say the least. 543 more words


Having friends at work? It should not be a rule

Working in a positive environment is fundamental. In order to enjoy your day, you need to feel comfortable and having positive relationships. The culture that surrounds you is important as the… 135 more words

HR World

Do you want to be in contact with a recruiter? Do not use Facebook!

We can exchange and receive information in real-time; this dynamic and multiple sources’ network boosts innovation, knowledge sharing and relationships’ building.

The organisations have to embrace this revolution and their efforts are focused on (virtual) … 149 more words

HR World

Bridging the Communication Gap

In a perfect world, everyone should think like me. Surely I am always right, and don’t see any reason someone would want to disagree with me. 181 more words

The Daily Post

Relationships - A mild form of insanity

People are slippery buggers I find. By relationships I don’t mean romantic relationships. Just relationships in general. How we come to make friends, bond, fall out, resent each other. 691 more words


The Newlywed Game || Guest Post

The newlywed game. Fun. Exciting. Full of adventure. Something new around every turn. These are a few of the ways people describe this time of life—being newlyweds. 989 more words


It's ok not to be ok!

There comes a point when you take a look at your life and decide that the way things are just not working, whether it is your relationship, your job or as in my case, how I was expressing my gender identity. 1,105 more words