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It's ok not to be ok!

There comes a point when you take a look at your life and decide that the way things are just not working, whether it is your relationship, your job or as in my case, how I was expressing my gender identity. 1,105 more words


Presenting well? It is not so easy

We often think that a great presenter is the one who always uses specialised and technical language. On the contrary, when we use simple words we think that we are showing a… 180 more words

HR World

How great leaders inspire action

Leaders  act, think and communicate with the exact same way, they all start with the ” why “


The Witness of Preaching

In Thomas G. Long’s, The Witness of Preaching he describes three images of preachers and preaching to answer the question, “What does it mean to preach?” A preacher is a herald, a pastor, and a storyteller/poet. 757 more words


# 121

#121 – Language

Language enables rational beings to communicate thoughts and feelings absolutely essential to the survival and growth of the individual and their community. To be denied participation in a common language would therefore be equivalent to being born without the ability to speak or hear. 115 more words

Alexander Gesswein Maxims And Reflections

Resonant Leadership: Attunement > Alignment

“Leaders have more trouble than anybody else when it comes to receiving feedback, particularly about how they’re doing as leaders.” – Daniel Goleman, Primal Leadership… 462 more words