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Communism and Weapons

Trident is the UK’s nuclear defence system. Why do we have it? Is it because every other country has nuclear weapons, or at least we think they might, so we’ve got to keep ours. 146 more words

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Three Things I Hated as a Child

I wanted a happy childhood, but my parents knew how to ruin it.
There were a few things with the power to put me in misery, and mom and dad knew how to keep them on the table. 393 more words


The Size of a Nail

When you are born in a world of fear, corruption and a particular level of poverty, your brain goes into the survival mode and you are less vulnerable. 456 more words


But I Knew

I just realized that we didn’t have heat in the kitchen for the first 13 years of my life. No, I’m not kidding. It never crossed my mind that from October to May when the cold was sharp in that part of Europe, we – mom, dad and I, and later my sister, managed life like that. 383 more words


The Environment and Communism

It is widely known that capitalism is destroying the planet. Deforestation is resulting loss of habitats and vital oxygen giving trees; nuclear energy produces extremely radioactive, destructive, life-destroying waste; global warming is causing sea ice to melt earlier every year, meaning polar bears are facing extinction as a result of not having the hunting grounds; and over-fishing is severely and permanently damaging delicate marine ecosystems. 152 more words

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Strange Fruit

Annie Lennox, of Eurythmics fame, has recently been castigated for not conveying the narrative that the Social Justice Warriors want conveyed. What is this narrative? Well, it is “CSWMs Are Evil”, of course. 2,156 more words

Life Among Saints -1-

In the Christian Orthodox calendar every day is designated to celebrate one or more saints. From that perspective, with so many people named after saints, I can say I live surrounded by saints. 501 more words