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German Government Preparing For “Civil Unrest”

Citizens panic buy food after warning of national catastrophe

Paul Joseph Watson – August 25, 2016 144 Comments


Prominent political parties on both the left and right in Germany agree that the government is preparing for mass “civil unrest” that could arise out of the arrival of large numbers of immigrants or as a result of war. 322 more words

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The Divided American Left

A Marxist analysis is a shared methodology aimed at unifying the working class in the continual fight against capitalism; it offers a sense of solidarity among its exploited members, but in the United States, such analysis has failed at mending the color line. 143 more words


The Attack On The Free Press Will Only Make It Stronger

Mainstream attacks merely expose their fear of the alternative

Jon Bowne | Infowars.com – August 24, 2016


Within the First Amendment exists the prohibition of infringing on the Freedom of The Press. 31 more words

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Watch - Trans Porn Star Triggered By White Male (Language Alert - FFF and etc.)

Epic debate at Wisconsin Trump rally

Infowars.com – August 17, 2016 107 Comments


During the West Bend WI Trump rally 3rd party advocates and Trump supporters debated trans-gendered porn star River Stark on … well watch for yourself.

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Milwaukee: Your Post-Riot Tax Dollars At Work

Example of how your money is being used to clean up after rioters

Rob Dew | Infowars.com – August 16, 2016

Infowars reporter Rob Dew provides an up close look at the massive ATF investigation taking place at the BP gas station burned to the ground by north Milwaukee residents and illustrates the tax expenditures that are used when communities go into rage.

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Leaked Soros Memo: Refugee Crisis ‘New Normal,’ Gives ‘New Opportunities’ For Global Influence

Soros’s Open Society Foundations argues that Europe’s refugee crisis should be accepted as a “new normal”

Peter Hasson | Daily Caller – August 16, 2016… 141 more words

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Merkel Tells Germans: Hire Muslim Migrants

Merkel eradicating German culture forever

Reuters – August 13, 2016 116 Comments

Chancellor Angela Merkel has invited executives from some of Germany’s biggest listed companies to attend a summit next month where she will urge them to hire more refugees, the newspaper Bild reported on Saturday. 59 more words

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