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Suckers PAY to be Manipulated-Indoctrinated

by Rev. Austin Miles

A current movie, Beauty and the Beast subtly introduces homosexual perversion by showing two leading males kissing, which gives new meaning to the description, 1,548 more words


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While taking the public transportation as a foreigner in Bucharest made you the target of the pocket thieves, that didn’t seem to apply to Beijing. 403 more words

The leftist love-in with Islam.

IT CAN’T HAVE escaped the intelligent observer that the left — and what we can call the Establishment in general — is more than indulgent towards Islam.

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Gramsci’s Plan

Gramsci’s Plan
by JBS President Emeritus John F. McManus

The year 2017 is the 100th anniversary of Lenin and Trotsky’s Bolshevik Revolution. After a reign of terror, Lenin died in 1924, replaced in the… 718 more words


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Beijing was a few hours away. When we got on the train, men and women in office attire were already working on their devices. From where we sat I could see that we were the only ones chatting with each other. 332 more words



Not far from where I was, the two communist agents were snacking from a bag. I waved at them. They nodded their heads and laughed. 636 more words

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I looked at the dish. It was a serving bowl, and that meant I didn’t have to eat the whole thing.

People who knew us, Romanians and tasted our cuisine, may liked our stuffed cabbage rolls and “mici”, the national signature for our unique sausages made of ground beef, pork and mutton, and then grilled on the BBQ. 597 more words