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I'm 25, give me my £10,000.

SO, THE MOUNTAINS of the Resolution Foundation groaned for two years and gave birth to…well, the usual farrago of nonsense and madcap propositions that think tanks are prone to.

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Ice Cream during the Communism

There were basically two kinds of ice cream when I was little. Number one in the nation was vanilla ice cream. That was because the cost to make it was the lowest. 242 more words

Jeremy's Wall

POOR OLD JEREMY Corbyn didn’t have time to take a closer look at Kalen Ockerman’s mural, “Freedom of Humanity”, a few years ago, thus missing its anti-Jewish message and later embroiling him in accusations of being soft on anti-Semitism in his party.

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The satisfaction of seriousness: the Peterson Phenomenon.

“SERIOUSNESS,” SAID LEONARD COHEN in a TV interview, “is profoundly satisfying to the human soul.” The truth of that statement is borne out by the popularity of Dr Jordan Peterson, who has emerged as the most unlikely intellectual celebrity of our day.

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Bowing to China's Growing Power

Bowing to China’s Growing Power
by JBS President Emeritus John F. McManus

When China’s Xi Jinping first gained leadership of the huge Asian nation in 2012, he faced a term-limit provision in the Chinese constitution that would force his retirement in 2022. 804 more words



The next day was Saturday and my husband went to work at 6AM. Saturdays were working days for everybody. After having our second child, I was a stay at home mom. 319 more words


ONE – It was a cold December in1989 and I didn’t know where to look for hope anymore. The whole nation was sending prayers before God, asking for the big change for so many years. 374 more words