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I, Marxist

It is not for the theater alone, but the theater itself would justify the moment in each class I teach when I out myself as a “communist” (pausing, then clarifying the whole communist-socialist-Marxist mess that most Americans cannot untangle). 796 more words



I am now writing a weekly column for the Observer. It is actually a weekly page with two articles, one long, one short. This week’s articles were on… 789 more words


school-mandated poetry: day 11 / pantoum

“the ebook bike is down yet again”

flacks and a screeching within,
with a flash! and a bang! he is dead.
the clattering of boots to the march of sin, 108 more words


The Prison Diaries : Explanation of Hegemony

Modern slaves are not in chains, they are in debt

The “prison notebooks” explain about the psychological warfare that the imperialists impose upon the colonies… 122 more words


Report from the Trenches I

Co-leader of the CPUSA-Utah Reece Gatliff

The fightback: I stood with comrades from Students for A Democratic Society (heavily hailing from the hardcore, Maoist version of Freedom Road, the FRSO, not the “soft” version the moderate wing of our Party has allied with; that should change, has changed at least in Utah because we fight to make that change real), Utahans Against Police Brutality (UAPB, met a comrade from it, introduced myself), and of  course me and another fighting co-leader of the Party. 498 more words


Why this Anarchist has Stopped Using the Word Communism (an overlong explanation)

In a societal and political landscape shaped, like never before, by social media, the terminology we used to identify ourselves matters more than ever. The -isms, the -ologies, the -ists, and the -itys. 7,735 more words


Communist Purge Plays Out in Vietnam’s Trial of the Decade

James Hooky reports: The disappearance of a former Vietnamese official in Berlin last summer gave the outside world an early glimpse into an anticorruption drive captivating communist-run Vietnam. 325 more words