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Why The Better Chinese Writer Is Often the Harder Sell in the West: Musings on Wang Zengqi 汪曾祺


Here are some personal reaction, cum brief background, about the writer of “The Connoisseur,” a short story I translated. Wang Zengqi (1920-1997) is, in my opinion, one of modern China’s best writers.  510 more words

Three Woman Fighter Pilots Of Communist China

Photograph taken in 1950: Li Li Zhen (李丽珍), Wang Yun (汪云) and Huang Xiuqing (黄秀清)

The same three extraordinary ladies photographed in 2015!

Reference: http://www.cnwomen.com.cn/2015-01/27/content_44422.htm

Leftwing Political Analysis

The View from Inside a Hakka Round House

Original Chinese Language Article By: http://tieba.baidu.com

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Hakka earthen-built structures are unique not only in Asia, but are also acknowledged as an outstanding example of world architecture.  517 more words

Hakka Ethnography

Chinese Heart, American Dream

Friends who meet through dance, stay friends for a long time.  When words fail, there is gesture, and motion, time and space to spell the hopes of the human heart. 497 more words


Untruthful MPs, or those with damaging agendas?

Why vote for untruthful MPs, or those with damaging agendas?

We have reason to recently reflect how very relevant was Mahatma Gandhi’s gentle reminder that, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”. 2,973 more words

Obama Shows President Xi Mt. Rushmore

Don’t know if it’s true, but I heard  President Obama whisked President Xi off to Mt. Rushmore, during his recent visit to America, to show him the wonder. 195 more words


Planned Parenthood uses same tactics as communist China to harvest human organs from prisoners

(NaturalNews) While the debate continues to heat up over a series of videos produced by the Center for Medical Progress purportedly showing Planned Parenthood clinic workers discussing the sale of aborted baby body parts, concern has also been expressed over the ethical issues of organ harvesting being used as a motivating factor to push women who are on the fence about getting an abortion to go through with one. 721 more words