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5 reasons Communist China is driving A Coup against'My' President.

Before I begin with slamming hard facts here. I will say this I have nothing against Chinese people at all. The problem is their communist Government, that parades like it’s a Country is so wonderful and it’s not! 1,479 more words


Living as Sparrow, Swirl and Wen the Dreamer in Communist China, with Madeleine Thien

“One thing I have learned, dear Sparrow, is that light is never still and solid and so it is with love. Light can be split into many directions. 1,702 more words


From Bound-Feet to Walking on Mars -How Chinese Women Will Conquer Space!

The Space Programme of modern ‘Communist’ China is forging ahead with its development, and will soon transcend that of the US and even the former USSR. 315 more words

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Karl Marx Reborn in China...

During October, 2013, a stir was caused along the city wall of Xi’an (Northwest China), when Chinese citizens spotted a Western man who looked around 80 years old, and to be the rebirth of the great Karl Marx! 188 more words

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Xmas with Chinese Characteristics (中国特色的圣诞节总)

Xmas has been historically linked in China, with European imperialism and colonialism, from a past destructive era that saw the Roman Catholic and Protestant Churches of the West, seek to destroy indigenous Chinese religion and culture. 333 more words

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About That Underwater Drone Story

Tell me if you see a pattern emerging.

The drone story is showing some slippery characteristics

The incident follows a series of tense exchanges with China, including that nation’s sharp rebuke of president-elect Donald Trump’s 

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