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Xmas with Chinese Characteristics (中国特色的圣诞节总)

Xmas has been historically linked in China, with European imperialism and colonialism, from a past destructive era that saw the Roman Catholic and Protestant Churches of the West, seek to destroy indigenous Chinese religion and culture. 333 more words

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About That Underwater Drone Story

Tell me if you see a pattern emerging.

The drone story is showing some slippery characteristics

The incident follows a series of tense exchanges with China, including that nation’s sharp rebuke of president-elect Donald Trump’s 

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Chinese Communist Fags

Communist China,

You bitches are the most ‘teenage’ girl attacking bunch of slack jawed fags I have ever seen. You think you got power, but in reality no one is going to take you seriously because you’re being used by the globalist to their bidding. 444 more words


Interview: Drawing a Moustache on Mao

I talk to Ralph O’ Callaghan about his time in the Merchant Navy during the Vietnam War, travels through Communist China and how he defaced an image of Mao Tse Tung. 1,539 more words

Notes on Arthur Miller’s Anti-Communism

‘The ladies’ ferocity toward Communism was matched only by their duplication of some of its practices – as I was reminded in the Soviet Union a decade later when I read the Party’s directions to Soviet writers to cease linking wisdom to criticism of the country and either praise or shut up.’ 664 more words

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US Inspired WWIII Hoax

Just a quick note about the numerous World War III posts circulating the Net. There are no such stories in any ‘official’ Mainland Chinese media outlets, and my Russian speaking friends inform me that there are no such stories circulating in Russian media. 121 more words

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