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Sichuan's 'Dwarf Village' (明阳寺村)

Western sources tend to convey the very basic facts about this interesting place and people situated in Zizhong County area of Southern Sichuan province, whilst continuing the usual disinformation about Mainland China. 559 more words

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Churchill's Role in the 1919 Deportation of 20,000 British Chinese People

The Aliens Restriction Act (Amendment) Act 1919 – was an extension of the 1914 Aliens Restriction Act – which was designed to limit ‘enemy’ aliens entering or travelling through the UK during WWI. 784 more words

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Book Review: Waiting

You strive to have a good heart. But what is a heart? Just a chunk of flesh that a dog can eat.

Waiting, by Ha Jin… 531 more words


Romans in Han Dynasty China

‘In the year 113 BCE the Han dynasty first sent two thousand armed men and then sent a marine force south to unseat an autonomous ruler of Vietnam, taking the Viet stronghold of Pan-yu and setting up nine administrative commanderies in the south, briefly encompassing even the island of Hainan. 499 more words

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China 'Bans' the Commercial Ivory Trade (1.1.2018)

I was asked if it is true that Communist China has ‘banned’ ivory imports. The up to date headlines state:




This confirms the ‘ban’ is correct and comes into force midnight on January 1st, 2018: 165 more words

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Communist Party of China (CPC) - Attitude Toward Religion and Spirituality

Translator’s Note: The Communist Party of China (CPC) pursues (in the name of the people) a clear Marxist-Leninist (Maoist) path of socio-economic development, in the ongoing development of Socialism in China. 253 more words

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The Importance of Marxist Dialectical Amalysis and the Building of Chinese Socialism

The following text is my considered (albeit ‘brief’) response to this post summerising a recent lecture held at the Communist University of South London. I quote a recent (translated) Chinese text of a speech delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping about the CPC’s ‘certain’ attitude that ‘Socialism’ is being built in China (without a shadow of a doubt). 485 more words

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