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Obama Shows President Xi Mt. Rushmore

Don’t know if it’s true, but I heard  President Obama whisked President Xi off to Mt. Rushmore, during his recent visit to America, to show him the wonder. 195 more words


Planned Parenthood uses same tactics as communist China to harvest human organs from prisoners

(NaturalNews) While the debate continues to heat up over a series of videos produced by the Center for Medical Progress purportedly showing Planned Parenthood clinic workers discussing the sale of aborted baby body parts, concern has also been expressed over the ethical issues of organ harvesting being used as a motivating factor to push women who are on the fence about getting an abortion to go through with one. 721 more words


David Rockefeller Praises Chairman Mao’s Slaughter of 45 Million People in Four Years

1973. After a trip to China, David Rockefeller praised Mao Tse-tung who had slaughtered over 40 million people.

His report, “From a China Traveler,” highlights the goals presented in UN reports such as “ 129 more words

The Jewish Problem

About objecting to Cuba

You can’t fight them, you can’t sanction them forever, you cannot hold them outside your sphere of operation to the end of time. I am talking about Communist China and Communist Vietnam, and even the former Soviet Union. 315 more words

Across the history of massacres, "The peaceful majority were irrelevant." (Brigitte Gabriel)

“When you look throughout history, at the lessons of history, most Germans were peaceful. Yet the Nazis drove the agenda. And as a result, 60 million people died, almost 40 million in concentration camps. 127 more words


Prosecute the Nazis, But What About Communist Criminals?

Prosecute the Nazis, But What About Communist Criminals?
by JBS President John F. McManus

During the years 1942 to 1944, Oskar Groning served the Nazi regime at Auschwitz, the most notorious of Hitler’s numerous death camps. 636 more words

So true, so true

“When people are focused on a higher power, it’s a threat to the people who want power.”

Think about that. It does explain societies like the Soviet Union, Communist China and North Korea. 38 more words