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Communist Party of China (CPC) - Attitude Toward Religion and Spirituality

Translator’s Note: The Communist Party of China (CPC) pursues (in the name of the people) a clear Marxist-Leninist (Maoist) path of socio-economic development, in the ongoing development of Socialism in China. 253 more words

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The Importance of Marxist Dialectical Amalysis and the Building of Chinese Socialism

The following text is my considered (albeit ‘brief’) response to this post summerising a recent lecture held at the Communist University of South London. I quote a recent (translated) Chinese text of a speech delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping about the CPC’s ‘certain’ attitude that ‘Socialism’ is being built in China (without a shadow of a doubt). 485 more words

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100th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution - Chinese Delegation Welcomed in Russia!

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Russia was the birthplace of the October Revolution led by Lenin, and can be legitimately considered the home of the Socialist Revolution – (with the Soviet Union) being a great Revolutionary mentor. 239 more words

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The US Behind the Panama Papers

President Obama – the first African-American President in US history – openly supported the ‘Madan’ neo-Nazi insurgency in Western Ukraine (in 2014) without any shadow of irony. 386 more words

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Falun Gong Cult (USA): Randall Effner Dies (6.10.2014)

Li Hongzhi – the founder of the Falun Gong cult – asserts that his particular brand of brain-washing and pseudo-qigong practises pro-long life (indefinitely) and possess the ability to cure any illness or ailment. 518 more words

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Debunking Microsoft and D-Wave Quantum Computing (2017)

The following video is very interesting, because it ‘exposes’ the true state of science in the West, with regards to the concept of ‘quantum computing’. The issue here, is that the corporate-controlled scientific community in the West, which spends billions of dollars every year in 5 or 6 figure salaries, glossy magazines and pretentious seminars, actually has no idea about the subject it claims to represent, and has made ‘no’ practical progression toward producing any coherent technology that even vaguely resembles a ‘quantum computer’. 159 more words

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Has Bill English really not got a clue about what Communist China is up to?

If so, it’s a disgrace. The first duty of any government is to protect its citizens and to prioritise their interests. This certainly hasn’t been happening with regard to the gradual Communist Chinese infiltration of this country – very much assisted,   apparently, by former Prime Minister John Key’s comfortable relationship with wealthy Chinese very willing to pour hundreds of thousands into the National Party’s coffers, and by no means reluctant to cooperate with Key’s push to remove the Union Jack from our flag. 1,373 more words