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Notes on Arthur Miller’s Anti-Communism

‘The ladies’ ferocity toward Communism was matched only by their duplication of some of its practices – as I was reminded in the Soviet Union a decade later when I read the Party’s directions to Soviet writers to cease linking wisdom to criticism of the country and either praise or shut up.’ 664 more words

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US Inspired WWIII Hoax

Just a quick note about the numerous World War III posts circulating the Net. There are no such stories in any ‘official’ Mainland Chinese media outlets, and my Russian speaking friends inform me that there are no such stories circulating in Russian media. 121 more words

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Socialism Miracle! Rich Oil Nation Venezuela Turned Into A Nation of the Walking Dead

The government’s drafting people to work the fields. Protests and riots now choke the cities.

By The Editorial Board
The New York Post

Here’s socialism at its finest: Venezuela is now forced to import oil from the United States, the devil in the eyes of the regime. 299 more words

Racist BBC Attacks Air China (8.9.2016)

Anti-Chinese racism in the West has existed for hundreds of years, and it does not look like abating anytime soon, fuelled as it is by a continued US Cold War rhetoric designed to bring-down the sovereign State of Communist China.  486 more words

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World Respect

World Respect

The Chinese made Obama leave his plane
via the servant’s exit. How they smiled
to witness his discomfiture! His brain
fumbled for answers. 84 more words

Paul Robeson’s Solidarity with China: Stand Up! The People Will Nolonger Be Slaves!

Original Chinese Language Article By: http://www.jfdaily.com

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Translator’s Note:  Paul Robeson is one of the greatest intellectuals the US has ever produced, despite its Eurocentric racism and pathological dislike of Blackness, Socialism and Communism. 501 more words

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China is watching

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By Marielena Montesino de Stuart

As a former candidate for the U.S. 262 more words