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Training at the Movies Part 1: What can Patrick Swayze teach us about manners?

Roosevelt Training and Development Graduate assistant

As cases of alleged police brutality garner media attention and ignite protests around the country, it is no surprise that some municipalities have been reassessing how they train law enforcement workers. 334 more words


Design-based research

Ever since I became a teacher, I have sort to improve my practice by way of further informal research into topic areas that may impact my professional effectiveness.   302 more words

Instructional Design

The Right Triangle: Connecting dots on three angles, layers

It’s triangulation time again! Three distinct sources I’ve filtered through in recent weeks have started to connect in an unexpected way, and I think it’s time to explicitly connect them here. 617 more words

Social Learning

Academic SEM Strategy: The iMBA at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign College of Business

The UIUC iMBA is expected to launch in 2016, and be priced at $20,000 or so. The digital curriculum architecture is designed to serve learners in a MBA degree program of study, as well as, individuals seeking advanced practice standing in seven contemporary business communities of practice. 478 more words

Academic Strategy

Abundance and Choices: Make the decision and move on

We know the feeling: Standing in the cereal aisle, or before the maddeningly long rack of cold medicines, frozen by the overwhelming number of choices. Can’t there be just three choices? 874 more words

Social Learning

Communities of Practice?

I just finished Dana Goldstein’s Teacher Wars, an excellent history of the profession over the past 200 years. I’ve long been a fan of Goldstein’s education reporting and found this book both balanced and insightful, especially her illustration of just how long we’ve been having the same debates about schooling and the purpose of education and how much these discussions are influenced by politics and cultural mores of the time. 930 more words

Issues & Debates

What do you know for sure?

Looking back fifteen years to Oprah’s 2000 commencement address at Roosevelt University in a standing room only Auditorium Theater, she told 675 graduates that “change will only come about in our lives when we welcome it.” As students, or former students, you have welcomed change into your lives by pursuing your educational goals, making time to learn, and challenging yourselves to do your best work. 86 more words

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