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Abundance and Choices: Make the decision and move on

We know the feeling: Standing in the cereal aisle, or before the maddeningly long rack of cold medicines, frozen by the overwhelming number of choices. Can’t there be just three choices? 874 more words

Social Learning

Communities of Practice?

I just finished Dana Goldstein’s Teacher Wars, an excellent history of the profession over the past 200 years. I’ve long been a fan of Goldstein’s education reporting and found this book both balanced and insightful, especially her illustration of just how long we’ve been having the same debates about schooling and the purpose of education and how much these discussions are influenced by politics and cultural mores of the time. 930 more words

Issues & Debates

What do you know for sure?

Looking back fifteen years to Oprah’s 2000 commencement address at Roosevelt University in a standing room only Auditorium Theater, she told 675 graduates that “change will only come about in our lives when we welcome it.” As students, or former students, you have welcomed change into your lives by pursuing your educational goals, making time to learn, and challenging yourselves to do your best work. 86 more words

Learning At Roosevelt

Communities That Keep Each Other Accountable

Much of the learning that shapes who I am takes place in the context of communities that hold each other accountable for how we put our values into practice. 561 more words


Taking the wheel on the Transformation Journey

Practicing in education now is not unlike travelling at high speed on the open road with all the exhilaration and anxiety that goes with the experience.   855 more words

The Blind Guide[1]—Leading in a Knowledge Organization

Houston, we have a problem…

Although trends in hospitals today favor (or, perhaps, are forcing) integration of managerial and clinical functions, the typical community hospital has, for the most part, retained the organizational structure that it has had for decades (we were talking about getting rid of “silos” 40 years ago)—a community board consisting mainly of locally prominent business leaders and professionals; an upper management cadre, rarely “up from the ranks” or with any clinical background, who have been trained in business or hospital administration schools; and an independently organized medical staff trained and primarily focused on medical practice and education, rarely with training or much interest in—and sometimes antagonistic to–hospital management.  2,904 more words

Learning objects in Scootle

I have know about Scootle since its beginning, and I have browsed it a little but I had not thought to consider evaluating the value of the learning objects being curated and shared in Scootle before.   516 more words

Instructional Design