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Beyond Paris: Planning for a hotter world

Hopes are high that the 21st United Nations climate summit in Paris this December will finally achieve international agreement on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. But it’s coming rather late in the day. 1,155 more words

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Future city

Tianjin: It takes less than an hour on the new high-speed train line to travel the 150 km from Beijing to Tanggu, the dirty coastal port town of nearby Tianjin, China’s third biggest city, where Europeans stopped long enough, a century ago, to leave fine colonial architecture among the gleaming modern high-rises. 1,369 more words


Planetary boundaries or opportunities?

London: In the morning, I leave my house in the inner-London borough of Lewisham (‘Levesham‘ is the Saxon for ‘dwelling in the meadows’) and walk over the covered river Quaggy (from ‘quagmire’ or watery bog’) to cross the busy main road of Loampit Vale (‘good soils digging spot in a wide river valley’). 841 more words

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Running out of stuff

London: A lot has been written about sustainability – it’s become fashionable in the past decade for everyone from marketeers and advertisers to policymakers, NGOs and world leaders to talk about the concept of sustainability in the way that they used ‘eco’ in the 90s. 511 more words

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Connie the Conqueror

Sydney: Snatched from the jaws of defeat, is how commentators are describing the last-minute climate deal struck in Durban at 5am on Sunday morning, nearly 40 excruciating hours overdue. 716 more words

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Early hope for climate negotiations

Durban:¬†Sawubona! – Hello! – from KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa’s subtropical eastern seaboard. Safer than Johannesburg and more racially integrated than Cape Town, Durban feels like a comfortable city, flourishing in lush rolling hills on the edge of the Indian Ocean. 968 more words


Engineering water

London:¬†It takes 17 bathtubs of water to produce one bar of chocolate, according to the Science Museum’s latest water exhibition; which seems excessive, not least because eating chocolate hardly slakes a thirst. 506 more words

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