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Duke Energy Nuclear Interns Offer Five Life Lessons

Duke Energy nuclear interns have shared their experiences on the Nuclear Information Center this summer. In this final article in the series, we asked them to reflect on what they’ve learned during their internship. 515 more words

Duke Energy

Cops shown love at 13th Precinct party

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

The Gramercy Park Block Association hosted a pizza party for the officers at the 13th precinct last Thursday to celebrate their service to the community. 290 more words

13th Precinct

July 26, 2016 DNC Boyz II Men Concert @ The Fillmore


TUESDAY. A great time to be in Philadelphia DNC Week!  The  Poarch Creek Indians and MOTOWN were the sponsors for the… 86 more words


July 24, 2016 DNC Phantasmic Philadelphia @ the Sugarhouse Casino


DNC BEGINS.   Monday evening, one of the many DNC parties, 1,200+ people showed up to Congressman Brady (DNC Party Chairman… 46 more words


All Life Matters

Baton Rogue is a reminder that there are people who like deep divides. Organized attacks with the intent can not be passed off as anything but murdered. 259 more words


July 12, 2016 Bastille Day Fireman’s Ball at Local 22 - Hosted by Chloe Johnston


415 N. 5TH STREET.   Honoring French culture and in anticipation of Bastille Day  Chloe Johnston Experiences celebrated with the “Bastille Day Fireman’s Ball… 265 more words


2000 means war zone

The city of Chicago posted there numbers as far as shootings and deaths in the city. And the magic number from Jan 2016 to the first week of July 2016, the number of shootings in Chicago has reached 2000 people shot and 319 deaths either by gun violence or by other means. 158 more words

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