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Lost in translation...

The lanterns for Morningside Lights are progressing well.

I haven’t posted much this week as I was a little confused by the process as described to me. 239 more words

And now uptown...

For the past two days I have been participating on Morningside Lights along with Processional Arts Workshops (please follow the link for more information) which began five years ago as a way of encouraging students at Columbia University and the residents of Morningside and Harlem to integrate. 209 more words

#Astor Alive

And so the day of the parade came…

after a week of workshops with both the local community and PAW regulars there was a calm before the storm. 235 more words

Light Paintings

I loved these light paintings that were created by young artists from Lomandra School as part of the Heaps Decent Links to Learning program.

Sarah Emery

Reflections As I Rip.

For the last two days I have mostly been covering the puppets in a variety of printed materials reflecting each of the 5 themes of Astor Alive. 512 more words

Cut and stick for Astor Alive

The first few days of workshops on Astor Alive led by Processional Arts Workshops were largely de dicated to introducing the concept of sharing imagery, the building of puppets and many cardboard tributes to a locally well loved piece of spinning public art The Alamo Cube. 248 more words

Invisibility Screening

I am very excited that my film ‘Invisibility’ created with Milk Crate Theatre will be screening at the Chicago International Social Change Film Festival. Woo hoo!

Sarah Emery