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Experience Design 2: Personas and Archetypes

I’ve been thinking about the last blog post I wrote about landscape design as experience design all week. It’s been kind of a theme, the Creative Somerville Series speaker this week… 660 more words

Celebrity Status

I gave you two introspective posts (TWO!) that were about as unselfish as I know how to be. I’m sure a year from now I will look back at my writings of yesterday and Tuesday and say, “OH MY CHICKEN TASTES SO TERRIBLE I CAN NOT BELIEVE I PUBLISHED THAT.” * 683 more words


Shackletine's Day

February in the northwoods offers ample snow, gradually-lengthening days, and chilling cold. Just how cold? Twenty of the first 26 days have seen low temperatures below zero, and three days have seen the high temperature fail to get above zero. 677 more words

Daily Updates

Twitter, Bloglovin', and Community

Aside from my weekly reflections, I have been relatively quiet for the past few weeks.  In truth, I’ve been battling some end-of-winter doldrums which have left me feeling uninspired.   370 more words


Twin Nap Time Drive By And My Feel-Good Impulse Purchase

I realized to what extent I normalized the chaos that is my big family this morning with two crying infant twins as the soundtrack to my morning. 636 more words


A Friendly Ruckus

Today is February 24, 2015. Ruckusmaker Day. In 2014, I had a goal of writing 750 words per week, and publishing it. The roadblock for me was that I always felt like I didn’t have anything to say. 478 more words


Sports & Sustainability: How We Can Green the Games

How can we rally the passion and dedication that people feel towards sports into a passion for climate change? Working for climate change can seem pretty boring compared to a deflated football scandal or game between rival universities, but what if we we able to combine the passions for sports and sustainability? 507 more words