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LGBT Lives Matter: It's our Lives, sans an Agenda

by Kiki

Some words and the conceptions behind them are utterly derogatory and offensive.  I think most folks would agree about the use of ‘the n word’ (n*gger), the d or f words (d*ke and f*ggot/f*g). 366 more words

Arise 2.0


Nero watched Rome burn because he set it.

The Republican governor, a former US Marine, put structures in place for the verdict of Jason Stockley, the office of the St. 289 more words


September, the Best of Times, the Worst of Times

Ahh, September.  Back in my drinking days, I used to go through a bottle of wine a night in September.  I would go to Costco and load up on wine, joking with the cashier that it was my September teacher medicine.   624 more words

Beginning The Year

Are you in Connecticut?

During a prior post, I said that I was going to at least attempt to create local community over the next two years. The online world is great, but if we’re going to have temples and community centers by the time I’m 70, we’ll need to get off of the Internet. 332 more words


Deeper Understanding Through Shared Stories: PBS's "The Vietnam War"

On Sunday night, PBS will begin airing a ten-part, 18-hour series called The Vietnam War. I’m looking forward to watching it, and I’m dreading watching it. 237 more words


How to crowd fund and market your own business

In this day and age where technology has made it easier to build up your own business without getting a loan from the bank crowdfunding is like preordering a game where are you can offer products and services before your store opens and making an exclusive offer,several ways you can do this… 85 more words

Building A Harvest

Community building in the ELC

The process of building a sense of community takes time. We are at the end of our second week of school and the children have already shown several hints that they are beginning to develop a sense of community, friendship and trust among each other. 239 more words