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How To Change the Future - Current Conditions

Yesterday, I pointed out how changing the future relies on creating a picture of the future we can all share and see.  We need something to dream about and walk with.  2,168 more words


Painting Our Future - What's Progressive about Progress?

They say that people won’t work toward change if they can’t see themselves in the picture…  Do you see yourself in the picture of change today?  1,391 more words


Rose Weaver: The arts help us to heal, in community

When art conveys an aspect of human experience, it can touch people’s lives in profound and meaningful ways. Rose Weaver tells a story of how her artistic work helped her and others to deal with difficult and complicated family losses. 489 more words

Stories On The Arts' Impact

“Food for the soul”

Since my retirement as the executive director of a privately funded arts organization and as member of the Board of Directors of the Arts and Cultural Alliance of Newport County, I know the value of the arts firsthand. 249 more words

Making the invisible visible

The arts can allow us to make new and unexpected connections and elevate the people and places that so often go unnoticed.

In 2016, I completed a public art piece entitled “ 277 more words

Why the future of social change belongs to community research

People don’t exist as isolated entities, and social programs, movements, or data analytic methods that assume they do are not aligned with reality—and may be doomed to fail. 118 more words


Hope Is a Vineyard

All cities have blighted neighborhoods with potential that simply need a little sun and water to grow, and it’s micro-level community efforts that constitute that nourishment. 1,091 more words