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Veronica Scott - The Empowerment Plan

The Empowerment Plan is a Detroit-based nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the homeless community. Our goal is to help build a better life for those that have become trapped in the cycle of homelessness.  119 more words


Can you do it all on ADDERALL?

Connecting Life With ADD

By: Sharon Slayton

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ADDERALL – the most profitable and fastest growing AD/HD drug.  First introduced for weight loss by Shire under a different name, Adderall was taken off the market in the 60’s due to side effects and a huge addiction rate to the med’s two pure amphetamine salts.  625 more words


Life Feeling Whacky?

Unlike old time organization solutions that were based on devoted tasks, these days you’re likely to be doing ten things at once while your boss stands over you with more!  463 more words

Community Change

Plenitude: the New Economics of True Wealth

At a moment of ecological decline and continuing financial uncertainty, best-selling author and economist Juliet Schor offers a revolutionary strategy for changing how we think about consumer goods, intrinsic value, and ways to live. 250 more words


The 5 Common Characteristics of Successful Community Change Efforts

This post is a part of our Think Piece series, in which we synthesize and share the most insightful concepts from our favorite books, articles & thought leaders.  511 more words

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Signage With Positive Messages - Can it bring about change?

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if everyone tried to be kind and positive towards others even for one day.  In some communities people feel scared or unsafe on a daily basis and it often seems there is no hope for change.   227 more words


Community Change

Out of the six strategies of community change, which one would likely be the most effective at empowering marginalized groups given the current political climate? Checkoway provides six strategies of community change: mass mobilization, social action, citizen participation, public advocacy, popular education, and local services development. 269 more words