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This and That.

When you think nothing really happening and what to write, look back on the last couple of days and full on. Although does not feel productive we are keeping the Filling Station going at the moment. 663 more words


Applecross Community Company Newsletter

And this is what we do.

Applecross Community Company
Newsletter February 2015
January and February have been a busy time for Applecross Community Company. Directors have met upfive times for very productive meetings to discuss and deal with various matters. 1,560 more words


Wolfish Breadcrumbs.

Memories of the Post Valentine’s Sunday now a distant past. Quiet lunch yesterday with 25+ customers and little to say. The saturday evening chaps and chappettes were fairly late in leaving and not too surprised about that. 521 more words


Survived Valentine

What an extra ordinary day so far, one keeps saying that. Woke up early doors and was walking down the road in bright sunshine and clear blue skies┬áthinking so far so good at the Inn when I noticed a movement in the water and so walked from Milton… 934 more words


Good to be Back

Back home and immediately busy, but good busy. The closer we got to Applecross the more beautiful it became,

but then I may be biased. The snow scenes were quite spectacular coming through Torridon glen… 453 more words

Applecross Scenes

Back on the Water

So good to get on the water yesterday and the morning was truly awesome.

One of these mornings which will stay around in the memory bank. 620 more words


Patronage not the Solution.

Quiet two days and just sitting tight with more severe weather coming in tonight. Just finishing a shift at the Inn with a half dozen customers to serve and one or two pool players. 588 more words