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A County Kildare Protest.

Cracking weather yesterday

and it coincided with an overnight stay from Topher

who came down from Ullapool to have a wee look at our Community Council. 620 more words


White Water=Green Energy=Community Benefit

At the Inn on Thursday, time 10.30pm and chatting to a very late regular when in walks a lost looking German lady. The very late Bruce had phoned ahead to order three meals and got two crabs and a langoustine cooked at 9.00pm. 953 more words


Trident,the Friendliest Inn and Sri Lankan Visitors.

(Back of 9)  Just sitting down after a Saturday shift of controlled mayhem. At 8pm there is a group of nine coming in and thirty people waiting for tables. 948 more words


Back to Front Applecross Sunset.

Well it was a good moan, so a cracking sunset was required to even things out. It is little wonder that people want to come here. 833 more words


The Variety that is Applecross.

The Bank Holiday bites the dust but they just keep on coming. The reports from up the road sounded a little extreme. Parking is turning out to be quite a problem. 530 more words


Away Day to Rona.

An away day to Rona was planned and today, after forgetting my fuel key, then fuelling up we set off just after eight. Bill had reported problems with his own connection and I picked a day to get over after catching some langoustine yesterday to keep the Inn going.We were followed half way across by a solitary bonxie which I fed with some pout from yesterday. 282 more words

Applecross Inn

Lateral North Goes to Venice.

Been asked to do a wee story of the Applecross Community Company so far for Lateral North https://www.facebook.com/lateralnorth/?fref=ts.

Applecross is a peninsula on the North West coast of Scotland with a small and spread out population of approximately 220 people. 335 more words