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Away Day to Rona.

An away day to Rona was planned and today, after forgetting my fuel key, then fuelling up we set off just after eight. Bill had reported problems with his own connection and I picked a day to get over after catching some langoustine yesterday to keep the Inn going.We were followed half way across by a solitary bonxie which I fed with some pout from yesterday. 282 more words

Applecross Inn

Lateral North Goes to Venice.

Been asked to do a wee story of the Applecross Community Company so far for Lateral North https://www.facebook.com/lateralnorth/?fref=ts.

Applecross is a peninsula on the North West coast of Scotland with a small and spread out population of approximately 220 people. 335 more words


My Applecrcross.

Just back from a fairly intensive training four hours at the Hall for current and future directors of the Community Company. This is drawing to an end a week of life in Applecross, such a variety of occupations, walks, 536 more words


Force of Nature and the Greyhound

Every now and again you put in a shift that means a little more than just another day at the coal face. Also it makes you think why you do it, I do not need to, I can blag some “bad weather or poor fishing” to the visitors as to why the langoustine or squats are not on the menu, but it would not feel right. 989 more words


Just Making a Wage

Longer stretches between posts at the moment and that is reflecting how much time is left over. there is always time but sometimes the energy levels are pretty low and watching a Scandinavian TV series on iPlayer is all that happens in the evening. 912 more words


Random Act of Kindness and an Evening of Cousins.

Bit of time off this evening to catch a breath. Saturday, as the people were arriving for Easter, had to make sure they had some local seafood to eat. 727 more words

Applecross Scenes

Belching for Beer

Although looking out the window just now it does not feel very like Easter, Easter it is. A good day was had and using the weather forecast to carry out the work ashore that badly needs doing. 964 more words

Applecross Scenes