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Culture and Applecross Primary Hydro Share.

A very bad start to the day on Friday morning. Up in plenty of time to put the new outboard on the dinghy and out the Varuna for the diminishing stock of langoustines. 722 more words

Community Company

Helicopters and Hydro.

It was a normal sort of day until the phone call around mid day. Turned out it was a request from the Inn to check out the condition of a guest who had hurt his leg. 698 more words


Whooper Mayhem and HydroProgress Continues.

Sunday saw my routine come back to a semblance of normality although I was emailing photos at half one in the morning for Alison’s presentation at The Rural Parliament on Tuesday. 681 more words


Edinburgh, Treacherous Orchestra and the Snow Aussies.

Well how times change. Went to get the post on Saturday afternoon hoping there were not too many late investors as we did not want disappointed people. 1,384 more words


Over £100,000 Today!!

It has turned into a quite extra ordinary day. Before Dai, the postie, turned up we knew today was okay as we had confirmation of £23,000, so the pressure was off. 178 more words


A Half Million and Rising.

Went up earlier on Sunday morning to catch some residents before they left for Inverness to give out some prospectuses and leaflets. It was mentioned on Saturday evening in the passing and as the birthday party was in full flow and followed the old instinct and left it for the morning. 467 more words

Applecross Scenes

The Friendliest Inn in The Highlands.

What a complex mix of emotions over the last 48 hours. Starting out at the back of eight and a quick look in to see Mick on site already done an hour and a half. 1,188 more words