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Residents' associations can lift beyond their weight

The little residents’ group that could…

Residents’ associations can make big contributions to the richness and quality of life of their communities. In Ward 28, there are a number of residents’ associations. 1,179 more words

Community Energy

Remembering Pam McConnell - Community Champion

My last blog entry was about leadership in communities – its challenges and responsibilities. Today I wish to honour Pam McConnell, Toronto Deputy Mayor and Ward 28 City Councillor, leader and community champion. 1,473 more words

Community Energy

How does “public service” work in community? Some musings on leadership and civics

Neighbourhoods and communities are made up of many individuals and groups with different interests and ideas forming even more communities within and without. How we develop and maintain these communities ultimately reflects the nature of our values. 906 more words

Community Energy

Arts in the Community: Red Dress Productions "Drift Seeds"

Music, dance and story telling have traditionally been our gathering points. Fostering our sense of togetherness and our joint agency. Arts endure as a strong rallying point for our communities today – places where we can safely discover ourselves, engage with and encourage each other, create life-affirming activities and traditions, and even heal. 828 more words

Community Energy

Living on the Sun

At the roasting start of July, John Newson led a walk to visit some community buildings that benefit from solar panels. The walk took place during Community Energy Fortnight and the Moseley Festival. 173 more words

Solar Power

A community energy movement in Southern Adelaide

I love talking to local groups about community energy. At Marion tonight the Common Thread crowd were full of questions and discussion. And the home made soup made for a very inviting atmosphere. 424 more words

Community Energy