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Community gardening in Laindon

As well as facilitating the Vange Hill Community Group with community cleans up and guerilla gardening on the ¾ estate in Vange, Basildon & Southend Housing Action have also been involved for a number of years in working with residents on the Nursery Gardens estate in Laindon to maintain a community garden. 198 more words

Neighbourhood Resilience

Kids Regenerative Gardening

Families can restore their backyards, invigorating the soil and existing plants by designing an area to hold the water in the soil, grouping plant communities together, and creating a harmonious relationship with the natural environment. 364 more words

Kids Organic Gardening


hellstrip (n): “the narrow strip between the street and sidewalk, usually dry, barren and abused.  Even the grass struggles to grow.” Synonym: boulevard, curbside garden, parking strip, verge. 680 more words

Community Gardens

Learn about growing your own local food

With the seemingly never-ending winter this year, is it possible that springtime temperatures have finally sprung? We’ll be optimistic and assume “yes!” With the warmer temperatures, many start to think about gardening and growing fresh, local food. 178 more words

Take Action Burlington

Join Us for a Gardeners Hangout Every Wednesday

It’s that time of year to seed and plant and start growing your garden. We’re hoping you’ll stop by the Gardeners Hangout at Frog Hollow and plant a seed and watch the garden grow! 6 more words

Community Events

The Big Dig: Bringing people together in community gardens ready for the new growing season

The Big Dig, an annual event aimed at getting people to volunteer in their local community garden to get ready for the new growing season, takes place on 21 April. 234 more words

Rosa Medea

Mustard Seed Community

Mustard seeds are about one  millimeter wide, which is about the width a driver’s license. The plant is fast growing and is often even considered invasive. 478 more words

Community Gardens