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Here's one way of creating and maintaining a pocket community garden...

In reference to our previous post about the newly created space on the ¾ estate in Vange after a ‘temporary’ fence and a load of fly-tipping was cleared, here’s an idea all the way from South Norwood on what could be done with it: … 261 more words

Neighbourhood Resilience

Could there be a pocket community garden here?

After last week’s community clean up (see the previous post) on the ¾ estate in Vange on the southern fringes of Basildon, our sister blog, … 258 more words

Neighbourhood Resilience

Let's make the 4th Festival a success for all!

The Power of Food Festival is now in its fourth year. Over the past few years, we have learned many lessons about what contributes to a seamless, successful Festival event. 656 more words


Microbes in the Garden

Microbes are everywhere in the environment, floating in the atmosphere, in the oceans, soil, and in our guts. When leaves fall in the forest, microbes decompose them into soil-building humus to feed the trees. 338 more words

Kids Organic Gardening

Rok Tok

11 February 2018 – Rocks can talk. And make magic. We discover the magic, rok by rok.

We’re partway along the Arbutus Greenway Corridor — an otherwise unprepossessing stretch one must add, between Nanton Rd. 234 more words


Kids Drought-Resistant Veggie Garden

Kids can make the best use of moisture during times of water shortage by using several different organic solutions. Healthy garden soil itself holds moisture with its organic plants and compost. 302 more words


Where to recycle plastic #4: Pass it on

So far I think I’ve established that your ability to dispose of the plastic in your garden responsibly kind of depends on where you live. You may be in the lucky 49% of the UK whose council collects rigid plastic from the kerbside. 565 more words