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You know, it’s too bad Mother Jones isn’t still alive. Now there was a strong forthright woman who understood the plight of the working class. 77 more words

Is Trump a conservative, ones for all!

What is a conservative? Cruz says that Trump is not a conservative. The RNC agrees. Ones for all, what is a conservative? I happened to believe that psychology has the answer because psychology studies behavior and personality. 262 more words

Value Clarification

'P.C. Police: Diversity Squad' ( Sponsors Wanted)

Bolus Entertainment is seeking sponsors for its new, can’t-miss, blockbuster TV series, P.C. Police: Diversity Squad.

The two main characters, cops Spike and Evita, both of them undocumented asylum seekers, “are real good buddies and–ahem!–a lot more,” says executive producer Yersinia Pestis. 142 more words

Just For Fun

Most Corrupt President T-shirt

Enjoy this t-shirt featuring a graphic design with the most corrupt president in modern history, Barack Hussein Obama. Many different styles, sizes and colors are available, such as Deep Forest (seen here).



People don’t like whistle blowers. Seems that whistle blowers make people uncomfortable. Even worse is when somebody who is a whistle blower is right. Whistle blowers agitate people. 391 more words

Christ Jesus

From the CO's Journal

“Community Interventions are external manifestations of support to a community of people expressing their desire to effect a change in their lives for the better. And community organizing is a step forward to achieving the desired change. 560 more words