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Cruz: I'm no Barack Obama

Of course Ted Cruz is dismissing comparisons to Barack Obama.

Both men served part of their first terms in the U.S. Senate before declaring their presidential candidacies. 292 more words

Barack Obama

Cruz has some explaining to do

Now that Ted Cruz has declared his candidacy for president of the United States, I think it’s fair to commence the questioning about one aspect of his public service record. 246 more words

Barack Obama

CDR: Necrotizing Polititis

Necrotizing Polititis (from the Greek: nεκρωτική πολιτιτις) or NP, commonly known as flesh-eating advocacy or flesh-eating partisan syndrome, is an infection of the deeper layers of principals, values and subpolitical patriotism, easily spreading across the fascial plane within the subcutaneous culture of a society. 152 more words

Citizen's Desk Reference

The Community Organizer is in 'control'....

I went to bed last night with this concern on my mind, and this image in my head.

Had to share:


The Community Organizer That Could

Did you see it? You know, how the community organizer rose up from obscurity, became President of the United States and kicked the Conservative ideology’s ass. 147 more words

Income Equality

"God is continually calling us outside of our boxes." --Nashville's Most Unusual Church

Answer the call — experience community — at The Salvation Army Berry Street!
–“God is continually calling us out of our boxes . . . To meet another person outside of our boxes is to experience genuine community.” — 103 more words