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Fish Outta Water Gonna Die Every Time

Education improvement, youth development, workforce preparation, global competitiveness, quality of life, species sustainability…..these are the things I am passionate about. They’re all tangled together in one big Gordian Knot. 658 more words

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Three Keys To Good Relationships

I’m worried. I hear so many people who can’t figure out how to get along with others. I read Facebook posts that are either a rant or a trashing of someone, or I read posts complaining about how badly some supposed friend has treated the one posting comments There’s a heap of mud-slinging, name calling, and words used that my Mama would have washed out my mouth for using! 1,156 more words

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Corporate Boards Must Evolve to Stay Relevant

Written by Raj Gupta, former chairman and CEO of Rohm & Haas and currently chairman of both transportation technology company Aptiv and specialty materials company Avantor, this opinion piece was published in the… 648 more words

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RWPS Support: What Can Be

(Preface: if it seems like this jumps all over the place…well, it does. It’s an overview collection of excerpts from several sources, all in support of a community socio-economic improvement initiative titled “Real-world Prep School”. 3,314 more words

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Bookends: Early Childhood Development and Diploma Inflation


I’ve been trying mightily to unravel the education -> workplace prep knot one thread at a time, not like any establishment experts will listen to an outsider. 2,723 more words

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Media Watch: Computer Science at Center of 76ers Twitter Controversy

Strange tweets? Strange coincidence? Or strange individual?

Former Philadelphia 76ers General Manager Bryan Colangelo has been fielding a lot of questions about his Twitter behavior, all stemming from the findings of a computer algorithm. 680 more words

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Media Watch: Drexel Students 3D Print a Helping Hand for Young Violinist

When 11-year-old Julian Caraballo performed in his elementary school’s spring concert this year, he saw a few new fans in the audience: three Drexel University graduate students. 282 more words

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