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Exercise Accountability for Week Ending 9.27.15

My schedule was a bit rough this week.  We had 5 performances between Thursday and Friday, and rehearsals every night from 5:30 – 10pm.  Two morning performances on Thursday and a rehearsal that night, and two morning performances and one evening performance Friday night.  423 more words


Thinking about Theatre

The answer to the question, “What was I thinking?” is pretty much always, “You weren’t thinking.  You are a huge idiot and you bring all your troubles on yourself.”  There is something vaguely liberating in the admission.  427 more words


Trish West -Actor, Middletown

During rehearsals we had the choice of 2 ‘babies’ to use in the play… one “almost impossible to cradle in your arms” too small and one “dear Lord imagine giving birth to” quite large. 52 more words

John McKenzie - Actor, Middletown

John is in the process of moving to a new house – from an apartment to a real house. His timing is inopportune, but for a massive backyard (for their dogs)and being able to live with his loving partner, he couldn’t be happier. 41 more words

Allan Pero - Actor, Middletown

I teach in the Department of English and Writing Studies at Western. My first BA was in Theatre at the University of Ottawa; because of its close-knit, bilingual atmosphere, I enjoyed an education there that went beyond the lip of the stage. 137 more words

David Pasquino - Actor, Middletown

This is my second time in a LCP production, and my fifth time on stage since moving to London. My first LCP production – “To Kill a Mockingbird” – also had John Gerry at the helm directing, and I had the great pleasure and honour of meeting and witnessing the talent of the wonderful David Wasse. 84 more words

Kara Gulliver - Actor, Middletown

In many places, there is a sound that greets the morning. Not just the rustle of folks beginning their days- the opening of curtains and the unlocking of doors. 76 more words