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Putting the "Me" back in "Medicine"

By Jessica Stark 

Continuous learning, long hours, difficulty with work-life balance. At 18, I said I understood these were the challenges faced by doctors, but at 18, fresh out of school, I didn’t really comprehend what I was agreeing to. 950 more words

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It's what we make it...

Some of the cartoon recording from The City of Tea Tree Gully‘s Community Wellbeing and Inclusion for all workshop, 7th March.

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Do Better: On the pursuit of perfection

By Mary Crabtree

Do better. Be better. Think better. We are relentlessly slammed with this pressure to do and be and think better. It comes from inside our own heads, and from an illusion that medical students should be able to ‘handle it’. 756 more words

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A Much Needed Reminder


It was in my eighth week of clinical learning that I witnessed my first death. The inevitable day in my career in medicine arrived early. 458 more words

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An Antidote to Toxic People

By Monique Kowitz

We’ve all encountered them, be it the boss who bullies and demeans you, the colleague who revels in making you look bad, the difficult neighbour, the family member who brings drama every time you see or speak them, or the best friend who constantly flakes on you. 601 more words

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Finding balance in medicine

By Jia Cheng Tan

As life goes on, we are bound to encounter more situations where we are forced to sacrifice something in return for something else, and hence forced to weigh the consequences and choose the option that we feel would bring out the best in us. 458 more words

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Rebuilding after burnout

By Rebecca Stone

Every medical student has a simmering pot filled by the stress of long hours, perfectionism, and a seemingly unscalable mountain of study to be done. 531 more words

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