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That girl Diana

I am feeling super lazy and my friend Ann has to drag me out of bed literally. Today we are going to visit a rescue center for girls somewhere in ukambani. 697 more words

What community work taught me so far...

After super typhoon Haiyan swept away my home town, thousands of people were forced to flee Tacloban City. My bereaved family was one of them. 836 more words

A controversial proposition - an honest day's work for an honest day's pay

Like so many of the foot soldiers in my inglorious profession, the trudge to the bottom of my career ladder felt a long one.

In the years before my first journalism job, I cleared tables, washed dishes, stacked shelves, sold suits and even (on one particularly fragrant occasion) scrubbed clean the walls of a recently vacated stable. 499 more words

Event Producer & campaigner

Mediterranean Night

I am currently co-producing a series of cultural events called Mediterranean Night taking place in London. These events are a celebration of the Mediterranean culture with live music, art, dance and food from the region. 212 more words

Community Work

P413 Foundation Field Day at Northern, IL Food Bank

Saturday Feb 7th 2015 our group took a trip over to the Northern, IL Food Bank in Park City, IL to package meats for homeless and hungry individuals of Lake County Illinois. 81 more words

Sickle Cell

Remembering and forgetting

I’ve probably already written a post with this title but, you know what?, I can’t remember….

So, here’s another one. Last week I spent a lot of time thinking about my ‘other work’ – 676 more words