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Biosecurity is a great preventative measure when it can be enforced. But when you need to make money and an opportunity arrives such as a dealer whom finds he has no use for 20 colts decides that he should convince youngsters that they could make easy money from them and dump them on the once peacefully grazed local authority land. 314 more words


Scankin Horses

Has anyone ever been to an arcade when you drop a penny into slot and it cascades onto shelves? If you’re lucky and positioned it right it will push other pennies onto another shelf and if you are really lucky you will get a penny jackpot. 145 more words


Welcome to equine welfare

As a child I was fortunate to grow up in an area surrounded by semi feral ponies. Whenever there was an opportunity to be around horses I was there. 382 more words


Social Media

Everyone has a view on what horrors occur in this cruel world we live in, but how many horse owners, have become habituated to throwing stones in glass houses. 188 more words


What is Welfare ?

Does anyone have the answer ? I would be interested to hear your views . What would you consider to be an Equine Welfare Problem ?


In the Aftermath : After 50 Years of Youth & Community Education in Glasgow, what does the future hold?

Howard Sercombe, Professor of Community Education at the University of Strathclyde writes,



A conference celebrating 50 years of professional education in youth work and community education at Jordanhill, Glasgow and the practice’s impact and contribution to the positive development of community life. 193 more words

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