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Charities in Singapore

Although beautiful, clean and impossibly orderly, there are still communities and families in Singapore who need the kind helping hands of others. Whether you have a weekend to spare or a few coins weighing your pockets down, these are a few ways to do some good. 730 more words

Animal Shelters

City Ordinance and State of Texas Statutes relevant to Dogs/Animals.

Aggressive Dog Complaint – What is required and Why?

Below are guidelines for the ‘Affected Residents’ to write the Dangerous Dog Complaint:

Evidence that animals are at large… 959 more words


Happy Holidays and A Happy New Year

There is nothing more magical than decorated trees, lights, presents, family and friends to brighten up your life. Happy Holidays!

Remember! if you have any dirty spaces that need cleaning, contact us to make your day!

Cleaning Services


” . . .  a democracy, if you can keep it.” Attributed to Benjamin Franklin 1789.

This was the week democracy died in the sense that the two-million plus popular vote winner was not selected as the countries’ Chief Executive Officer –POTUS.

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Community Work

Community Cameras Vs Home (Perimeter) Cameras

Community cameras are definitely a great option. Choosing a right technology, placing the cameras at vantage points, monitoring those (in real time and historical), archiving, retrieval the saved information and policies on retrieval (viewing data) bear down the decision on proceeding with the cameras. 881 more words

Community Work

A Look Into the Development World

by Niquie Angelo

On March 2013, I graduated college with a degree in Psychology . I loved learning about people, but I felt unsure about what kind of career I really wanted to pursue with this. 1,451 more words


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