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Chatting Critically- hopefully a complementary and stimulating blog

For quite a long time I’ve been mithered about my role in maintaining this IDYW blog. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy to continue as best I can, but at times I yearn for the freedom to be more controversial than might be becoming for a coordinator and for the space to write about stuff other than youth work. 493 more words

Politics And Current Affairs

Social good, fuelled by bloodied bad

Do you want to know the realities of a social enterprise?

Social enterprises and NGOs are often not-for-profit.
They claim their objectives are to ’empower social good’. 319 more words


Our coloured boy makes history 

A few weeks ago I posted up some of my feelings around being coloured and how we are so marginalized for everything in this country, you can click… 589 more words


Some community works:

Volunteering at children’s hospital for 2+ years

Experience volunteering for political campaigns

Experience canvassing for various charitable campaigns

Member of charitable committees

VP of UCL Human Rights Society… 13 more words

Girls rule but men rock! 

The post is dedicated to the very caring, kind and courageous men of Barracuda Road who helped me last night. It is also dedicated to my friends: Trish Kallee and Sherelle Rohan for all of the help, the calmness and reassurance. 688 more words


One pampered little car!

My next stop is Kensington Market…! Wow, where do I begin, how can I describe this amazing place? If, I had to describe it in one sentence it would be: “A colorful, eclectic and funky community neighborhood where all type of styles and tastes can be satisfied”. 257 more words


A Fresh look in Cleveland Ohio

A group of large, bright, colorful animals are visiting Cleveland Ohio now. Regeneration Cleveland is a project the Land Studio coordinated with CrackedArt of Milan, Italy. 33 more words