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4 April 2015

How hard would you work to improve your children’s education? Or to make your community a better place to live?

Would you spend several days a month making bricks? 764 more words

Asset Based Working - Its not just the community bit around the edges

While there are a growing number of examples of asset based approaches most of these are at project and locality level. What concerns me is how to move to a more systemic approach that actually changes the way that systems work. 779 more words


Volunteer Karen Rayner’s blog post for the 22nd April 2015

Day 13 Wednesday 22nd April 2015

Quite busy today with English and Natural Science lessons. In English we were marking the syllable activity that we gave out yesterday which is to fill in the missing syllables to make a word. 279 more words


A post from my volunteer, Karen Rayner

Day 4 Monday 13th April 2015

The day I have been waiting for! Back to school!

I got such a warm welcome back from the staff, lots of hugs and comments on how different I looked!

349 more words

What am I doing?

I wrote this sometime last week..Wednesday I think.

I have carried on with the analysis but it is very piecemeal and interrupted by work and so on. 430 more words


Africa: Progress!

I want to extended a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to making this adventure a possibility for me. The support from family, friends, family friends, professors, people who hardly know me, and people who don’t know me at all has been overwhelming. 235 more words


Our amazing Swiss volunteers 27th of March 2015

Andi and Tanja are a young couple from Switzerland who chose to come volunteer through Travellers Worldwide at a crèche in the township of Knysna. On meeting them at the airport I immediately could see they would be making a big impression as not only where they mature, eager to get stuck in helping any way they could but  their overall outlook on life was really fantastic. 315 more words