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Misery Hates Company

It’s easier and cowardly to commit suicide than go on living, or so I’ve been told, by the ‘not depressed’.

As a major depression sufferer I contemplate suicide on a daily basis, yet somehow continue through the agony of (my) life. 573 more words

Real Life

Post what got you banned by accident

GLP uses a dictionary of banned strings ( words, phrases, numbers etc ). It matches your post against that dictionary and if it gets a “hit” then… 30 more words


Pet peeves of community life: Flip side of the upside

At a recent house meeting (we hold them twice a month at BHFH), everyone was invited to write a couple of pet peeves about living in the house and place them in a basket. 886 more words

Posted By Bill Mitchell

Solar Opportunity abounds

Did you know? In the U.S, more solar power was installed in 18 months between 2012 and 2013 than in the entire 30 years prior. That means in 2013 that someone went solar every 4 minutes! 296 more words

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So many threads and replies deleted here and on glp

Disagreeing with the narrative you push (isis exists, blacks are scum) does not make one a “shill”

A shill pushes the narrative and fear…

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Pictures from socia

Girls with beefy tits blogs


ter erotic review best 49 twink shaman gear perfect boob modell exotic tans…

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Isis evolution back to ape after "everything" is destroyed ... lol

hahaha… love this one

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