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Holdout Curls

Since I can remember I have been pretty self-conscious about my arm size.  I have always had decent triceps, but no amount of preacher curls or dumbbell curls ever made my biceps bigger.  159 more words


Words Are Windows. Come, peek in...you are welcome here!

Welcome! Being a poet, I thought I would share these three select poems with you today. My poetry is my life blood. It pulses as I do, rhythmic, penetrating, deep and resounding. 1,147 more words

Trauma Recovery Healing

Don't Always Baby Your Baby

Don’t Always Baby Your Baby

Good parents realize that there is always much more for them to learn about in regards to being “good parents”. In a perfect world, parents would all have boundless energy, patience, knowledge, tolerance, understanding and flexibility, but no one is perfect. 433 more words


Youtube Revolution: Review

Are YouTubers Revolutionizing Entertainment?- Within the last 9 years , youtube has single handily redefined both entertainment and communication amongst communities. Youtube is continuously expanding as a medium and has spawned countless videos and channels, all of which defy the established traditions of film and television. 204 more words

Community Collab: Card-Jitsu

Hello everyone!

Welcome to a brand new Community Collab, where we raise ideas and interact with each other for the benefit of Club Penguin. Today’s topic is about Card-Jitsu. 444 more words

New Additions!

Hello everyone!

I would just like to inform you that I have revamped my website a tad more to make it easier for you to navigate through particular posts. 144 more words