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The LOVE TO RIDE Challenge

It’s time to get more people riding bikes in NZ. We know riding is awesome – you feel great, it’s good for you, good for our planet, and it’s fun!  166 more words

Image: "Leaving Penn Station, New York"

A crowd of people descend the stairs into Penn Station. As I soon found out the weather behind them contained biting winds and frozen rain.  The regular crowd entering New York’s busiest transit hub is usually dense. 263 more words


Race You to Work!

This week I have been interning in London which means playing at being a real person and commuting. I consider myself an honorary commuter and after my two weeks I will slide back into watching… 802 more words

What do you mean "Pedalling in circles"?

She asked “What do you mean pedalling in circles? I have no choice but to pedal in circles”.

She is right, of course. Unfortunately, some of us take cycling lingo for granted. 382 more words


From Birmingham to Worcester, you don’t have to board a plan to appreciate a city

I’m originally from the big City of Birmingham, so when I heard about Worcester for the first time I was like ‘where’s that’? With a major confused look on my face! 435 more words


Longing for Waiting Rooms, and Other Excitement

I’ve only lived in McDermitt, Nevada, the middle of nowhere, for about six months. In these recent months I’ve learned a couple of things that make the time here go by faster and the place seem more pleasant and less desolate. 485 more words