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Rules of the Road in Tennessee

Drive a pickup truck or SUV. They are bigger than the other cars on the road so you can drive faster. A pickup truck is best as you never know when you might want to haul junk or something. 544 more words


Functional Accessories

Ways to make your commute (also the library and office experience) more bearable: 

A commuting world where the tubes were pink- that is something I would sign up for. 1,151 more words


The Adventure of Riding a Bike

A rather portly gentleman looked at my Brompton folding bike in the office the other day and commented, ‘it must be an adventure getting to work on that’. 335 more words

Car-free Living

7/28/16: Daily Post

Yesterday was a semi-productive day as well. I overslept, but somehow was able to catch the train (showered, dressed, lunch packed, bag packed in under 20 minutes), and commuted to Socorro. 114 more words


Time well spent

Innocent ginger kid with coke bottle glasses visits mom for the weekend and is captivated by the view of other types of trains as ours whizzes by. 70 more words


No 47, Again

For the fourth time since the route’s return, about a year ago, the 7:03 47 didn’t show up this morning. From the bus stop at Bellevue and Republican, I can see all the way to the start of the route. 260 more words

Life In General

Ah Choo, I choo-choo-choose you.

Attractive exchange student fights unsuccessfully against seasonal allergies, sniffling miserably for extended periods. Sympathetic businessman offers a smile and fumbles around for a tissue. Student refuses and sneezes a big one all over him. 20 more words