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As a Commuter

Do you consider yourself as a master commuter? If you know you do then here’s a few points you can consider but if you don’t or haven’t commuted ever at all, then this could be helpful. 285 more words


Whooping Gough: on abandoning all sense of self, foot shaming and mounting Florence

It’s exciting isn’t it; being something you’re not. Enough of this “love the skin you’re in”, “you’re worth it”, “mm Danone” crap. It’s time to bend your entire perception of self to a conceptual stereotype, depending on your location. 946 more words

Whooping Gough

Are electric cars really cleaner? In Georgia, maybe not

Gasoline versus electric.

Which is the better choice for green-minded individuals? Turns out, it’s not so clear-cut.

It depends on what part of the country you live in and how electricity is generated there, whether from clean sources like wind and solar, or dirty ones like coal. 234 more words


Ceremony set for Capt. Herb Emory memorial

A ceremony to mark the dedication of the Ga. 400-Interstate 85 interchange as the “Captain Herb Emory Flyover Ramp” will be held at 1 p.m. July 22 at the state Capitol. 137 more words


Verbal intelligence

I strikes me that being sworn at by van and truck drivers is a function of their limited ability to parse their environs or see reason or appreciate any sense of sharing or good will to their common man. 162 more words


"You are not going out dressed like that"

I strongly appreciate the fact that in Brussels there is a sense that cycling is something that you do in your day clothes, on your way to work, shopping, leisure or wherever your local trips take you. 259 more words


The Incident on the Bus

On a recent visit to Rome, I found myself squashed between two strangers on a very busy, very sweaty bus journey at around one in the afternoon. 1,099 more words