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The other electric bicycle

As a counterbalance to the snarking from people concerning e-bikes being a form of “cheating”*, I like to enthuse about them whenever I can. 1,568 more words


Fun times on Tokyo's subway

In the subway tunnels under Tokyo, 1am – we sat on the carriage and watched a Japanese salaryman fast asleep and snoring, collapsed like a ragdoll, briefcase at his feet. 695 more words


Commuter Hacks: Winter Emergency Car Kit

Winter is looming.  Even though today is oddly warm (it’s 91 degrees F here with a heat advisory today, seriously?)  Soon enough tho, the snow will be falling.   995 more words

Student Commuter: 4 Driving Safety Tips You Might Be Missing

Depending on where you live, it’s fairly common for students to commute to various schools to receive higher education. If you’ve been driving for a while, then you probably think that there aren’t many safety concerns to be aware of on the road. 490 more words


When commuting gets too much...

Commuting is exhausting. Sounds ridiculous I know, I mean come on, what can be tiring about sitting on a train watching the world go by, reading, watching catch up TV, listing to music, but believe me, it really is. 545 more words

Being active saves lives, whether a gym workout, walking to work or even vacuuming

We all probably recognize that going to the gym or going for a run or swim is good for us and our heart, but what about walking to work, or taking the stairs while at work or even the vacuuming? 411 more words


Commuter Hacks: Food for your Drive

Day 3 of Commuter Hacks.  Today we are going to talk about car-friendly food (and none of it comes from a drive-thru). 

I commute everyday during the hours of 12-1pm and 4:30-6pm.  640 more words