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Commuter Series 2017:1

January 16th, 2017

Briefly, my morning commute works a little something like this: Catch the 6:54 train from my house.  Change in Secaucus for a New York-bound train.   1,711 more words


Train is rammed. I mean really rammed and this dozy bitch decides to block a seat with her suitcase. After 4 stops and making people find somewhere else to sit she’s finally forced to move. 51 more words


The foot commute 

Well this is a new one on me. I’ve done the walk from my home to the station pretty much every day for the last 18 months give or take. 118 more words


Getting into the grove

Better Organised and saving some cash

16th January 2017

This is week two of commuting. This morning feels a lot more organised. I think the key to the distance commute is being prepared. 264 more words


Tips for Commuting (1 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Malaika Elahi

Founder & Owner of: A Place for My Thoughts

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Entertainment, Politics, Successful Living and Writing Writer… 259 more words


The day I broke my Electric Unicycle

After having my breakfast early in the morning, I started getting excited about commuting on my Airwheel Electric Unicycle. However, this day, there is a lot of snow on the street. 423 more words