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Battery Pedal Power!

Folks, I recently started riding a bicycle to work and back each day and, no, I haven’t lost my licence, a bet, or my mind. 344 more words

On A Lighter Note...

New Commute

So I got a new job. Instead of riding to the wonders of Chatswood every day, I now get to ride to the delights of Silverwater (oh yes, I work in the most glamorous places). 517 more words


New Brakes, New Lights, New Haircut

A few minutes before leaving the house this morning the telephone rang. My other half.

“You know that bag I got ready last night with cakes for the school bazaar?” 661 more words


A commuter's life for me

5.50am: My alarm went off.
5.55am: My alarm went off again.
6.00am: I rolled out of bed and made my way to the bathroom.
6.30am: I made my breakfast. 777 more words

Student Blogs

Dreadful Commutes!

Well, you have probably noticed that most of my posts are cheerful and on the positive side because that is the kind of person that I am and if I find myself gearing in a different direction, I push myself back to happy land where it’s all sparkly and unicorns are pooping rainbows. 1,343 more words

Mommy Thoughts

Screen Watching on the Train

Every single person within eye-shot on my rush-hour train was on their mobile phone, laptop or tablet. This made me feel as though I too should be looking at something just to blend in… and so I did. 293 more words