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Here’s the thing.

I understand everyone has their own fashion choices and what looks good to one person may not be so good to another.  But there are certain things we can all agree on.  27 more words

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5 Things I Hate About Commuting

I’ve been commuting for a few years now and completely understand the woes of commuters.

Cost, delays, rudeness of passengers, delays, piling onto a train where it’s every man for himself, oh, and did I mention the delays? 834 more words

Stupid things people say at funerals

This morning, as my big green chariot pulls into the real Hamilton station from the other, uneccesarily constructed Hamilton station, I make a couple of astute observations. 891 more words


Nippy Zipping

I rode my 2.44 Motobecane for a grocery run today. After a nice break and in the frigid wind I had a tenancy to bust out and burn – both with acceleration and deceleration. 64 more words



Networking is basically creating connections within the classes you take. This is great for when you miss class or missed some details on notes.

I call this networking because you might not be friends with everyone but having at least a few peoples number from that class will help you in the long run. 185 more words


U.S. News collected data for the most campus commuters during the 2015-2016 academic year. They’ve noted that some urban and rural schools don’t offer on-campus housing. 203 more words

#1840 - Four of My Favorite Activities While Commuting


It is December already today, which means I have been commuting for two months now. Luckily, I feel that I have adapted to it… 581 more words

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