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The Shift is Happening

I’ve been bike commuting for years. Riding to work is particularly challenging because of all the barriers—which include time (or the lack of it), Texas heat and heavy car traffic. 157 more words


Autumn mornings

The alarm clock has been beeping industriously for quarter of an hour without me noticing. I wake, feeling like a diver surfacing from the sea, gasping and disoriented, from a dream where my ex husband and I were trying to find a building in a dark town while I was wearing no shoes and had no map or phone. 596 more words


I'm not surprised 

I must first apologise for lack of posts. I lost my shit yesterday after yet another train was cancelled after they have supposedly stopped striking. I was not a happy bunny. 77 more words


The GTA Commute

The great thing about commuting to Glendon is that you definitely won’t be alone. Glendon has many commuter students, and we all stick together: sympathizing with the late days and triumphing on the fast ones. 631 more words


Three Speed October Challenge: Week Three Finale

Challenge complete! It was warmer this week, most of the early snowfall has now melted and the normal autumn weather felt like a reprieve from a winter that hasn’t officially arrived yet. 921 more words


The Joys of Commuting

Every day, I drive about twenty five miles to and from work. Depending on the time of day, my commute can range from thirty to fifty minutes long. 276 more words