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Americans Are Exercising More, But They're Not Losing Weight

  1. You Can Run But You Can’t Hide

    OK, we followed their advice. More Americans are exercising more often, but so far, we’re really not losing much weight…

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Reading While Eating for December 15: Look, Up in the Sky

Today’s Big Story: The war in Iraq has officially come to an end. Here’s what you need to know. (The Daily What)

Perry’s Pandering: 102 more words


Life Imitates Art: Colin Firth Struggles to Shake King's Speech Stammer

He perfected the speech impediment while preparing for his Oscar-winning role. Now it appears he’s having trouble parting with it. 161 more words


Arise Sir Colin? Oscar Winner Firth In Line for Knighthood

First he played a king. Now Colin Firth may be in line to meet a queen if he picks up a knighthood in Her Royal Highness’ Birthday Honors List. 263 more words


And The Best Oscar Acceptance Speech Goes To... Colin Firth

Colin Firth’s Oscar acceptance speech on Sunday night was everything we want from a speech: eloquent, charming and sincere. We’re so glad he didn’t Melissa Leo it up.  165 more words


Perfect Casting: Will Colin Firth Make Carey Mulligan a Fair Lady?

The planned My Fair Lady remake, if the right actors come to the party, might just be an event of such magnitude that it puts the Great into Britain. 326 more words