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How to Install Comodo SSL on Vestacp

In this article, I am going to show you that how can you setup Comodo SSL for your blog or website that is hosted on a server running VestaCP.

Free Comodo SSL to current Symantec customers

(March 31, 2017) After the Google announcement of its intention to discontinue the trusted status for Symantec SSLs on March 24th, 2017. For sites using Symantec, SSLs Google Chrome will stop displaying the ‘green bar’ and flag them untrusted. 53 more words



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Security is the major concern of all the folks using laptops and desktops whatever version is used by them. 285 more words

HTTPS websites with HostingUK.NET

With Google making it clear that it wants every website to be running with secure communciations over HTTPS, I thought I’d make a brief guide with regards to obtaining an SSL certificate and installing it with popular hosting provider… 171 more words

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Top 3 Best Free Firewalls

Firewall is a subject about which general public know very little about, But it is one of the most important aspect of cyber security. A well configured firewall can stop huge data loss and keep user protected, where as badly configured firewall will only create an illusion of security and it won’t be able to protect the system from outside threats. 980 more words



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Install SSL certificates on Nginx

This article show how the SSL certificates purchased from Comodo can be deployed on a server running Nginx

You must have the server.key file (Private Key that was generated with the CSR code that used to activate/purchase the certificate. 88 more words