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Comodo Individual Code Signing - UK Issues

Programmers out there will understand the importance of code signing, to the end user, it stops the yellow untrusted publisher window from appearing when running software, and shows the executable has not been tampered with. 616 more words

Windows 10

Some of the New Partners now Available from SSLSecureNow! Get Secured Today!

We’re proud to announce the inclusion of SSL certificates into our ever-expanding portfolio of products and services. We have partnered with some of the leading SSL suppliers in the world to provide these recognized and trusted certificates to our customers at extremely competitive rates. 43 more words

4 Reasons Why Comodo Endpoint Protection Is Better Than Symantec

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) comes equipped with a host of impressive network security features that make it way better Symantec Endpoint Protection. Other than the fact it has an easy-to-use user interface and is moderately-priced, here are other security features which help Comodo beat Symantec’s security solution hands down. 261 more words


What is remote access and why you need remote access?

Searching to know about remote access? Remote Access Tool is a piece of software code used to remotely access a computer. This software can be used legitimately by system administrators for accessing the client computers/pc. 7 more words


Top Trojan Infected Countries in 2017

Cyber-security solution provider ‘Comodo’ has detected the countries affected most by Trojans. Comodo has ranked ten countries infected most by harmful Trojans in 2017. Trojan remains a trendy way of spreading cyber-crimes all over the world. 76 more words