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Trivia #139 - In The Heart Of The Fire

Moroni is the largest city, federal capital and seat of the government of the Comoros. It is located on Grande Comore the largest of the three main islands. 104 more words

New House and a New School Year

As of one month ago I made the move the village I have been living in, back to my main village where I teach, spend all my time, and where my family lives. 690 more words


Je, uko tayari kufanikiwa kwa namna yoyote ile? Je, kuna changamoto unazopitia na zinakuzuia kufanikiwa, ingawa wewe kiu yako ni kutaka kuona mafanikio yakiwa kwenye maisha yako? 359 more words


Coconuts Galore

I’ve been thinking about how to share a deeper understanding of my life here in Moheli & I’ve landed on the topic of coconuts as the starting point. 1,787 more words

Peace Corps

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, Good Night

Greetings are incredibly important in Comorian culture which explains why you can have a five minute conversation of just hellos and how are yous. Comorians want to know how you are, if you woke up well, if you arrived well, among many other things. 835 more words



The Peace Corps is weird. It makes you feel a lot of things, all at once. Joy, anger, gratitude, frustration – you name the emotion and I’m sure I felt it today and it’s only noon. 677 more words