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Here Comes the Brand: How Company Rebranding Is (Sort of) Like a Wedding

(Source: www.entrepreneur.com)

One involves a white dress and the exchange of bands; the other, white papers and the shift of a brand. A company revamp is a massive overhaul that requires planning, patience, and long-term vision. 1,021 more words


How one agency created a unifying brand for a consortium of 195 different companies

Most agencies have one brand’s egos to soothe. MiresBall had 195.

MiresBall was tasked December with coming up with the branding for AirFuel, a global, nonprofit consortium of 195 companies that is developing new wireless charging standards. 448 more words


50,000 Jobs Reportedly Cut by Saudi Builder Binladin as Government Cuts Bite

As pressure on the industry rises amid government spending cuts to survive an era of cheap oil, construction company Saudi Binladin Group has laid off 50,000 staff, a newspaper reported on Friday. 421 more words


Puma introduces BeatBot - a robotic running companion for your coaching needs

As yet it available only for Puma sponsored teams and athletes

For some having a coach’s voice near you is good enough to keep you motivated to do one more lap of jogging, while others prefer something more physical than just a mere voice prepping you up for your run. 193 more words


SpaceX snags its first military contract

With this move, despite all odds, Musk has broken new grounds for SpaceX.

With Elon Musk’s long standing efforts to be in the same footing as Lockheed Martin and Boeing vis-à-vis the U.S. 333 more words


Artifical intelligence

Not to long ago I wrote that the future cybersapiens relies on AI, so now Google comes out with their new focus, AI (Omni). Haha. My friend, from my teens and early adulthood works with artificial intelligence. 582 more words

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Research centre aims to grow food and nutrition industry

Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat sampling a cordial made with a non-nutritive sweetener at the Clinical Nutrition Research Centre. Photo: Robin Choo/TODAY

(Source: www.todayonline.com)

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