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Waifu Wednesday: Risu the Angel

Japanese games have a number of different ways of handling narratives from a first-person perspective.

The typical “visual novel” approach allows the player to ride along inside the protagonist’s head, being privy to their innermost thoughts as well as the things they say out loud. 1,087 more words


Mass Effect Month: Day 18 - Fancy Meeting You Here

We’re back with our month-long Mass Effect challenge! For previous days, click here.

Mass Effect Month, Day 18: Who is your favorite NPC that isn’t a crewmate? 356 more words

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Just landed in the Icy planet of Hoth

Part of the Republic Trooper Commando Class quest is to travel to Hoth in order to recruit the last member of the Havoc Squad. 48 more words


SWTOR: Companions

Companions in Star Wars The Old Republic varies depending on your class, in this post I’ll share details about the companions of the Trooper Class. 612 more words


SWTOR: Acceptable Risk

Pay attention to the conversation with Aric Jorgan as he provide details about his former team the Deadeyes. By the end of the conversation he will give you a quest to rescue them. 362 more words


Granblue Fantasy: Spotlight on Lyria

Granblue Fantasy is filled with an enormous variety of awesome characters, most of whom are playable characters that can be drawn in the gacha.

From the very outset, though, you have two faithful companions who never leave your side: the protagonist’s feisty baby dragon-type thing Vyrn, and Lyria, the latter of whom in particular is a big reason I find myself continually drawn back to the game. 1,042 more words