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Birthdays 2014/2015

I am called upon by The Squid (my daughter) to make exciting cakes for her birthday parties.

Last year it was a dalek (you should be seeing a theme here – cyberman dress-up costume, dalek cake). 189 more words

Portal: Still Alive and the Weighted Companion Cube Moment

The Story: Waking up from her stasis bed, Chell hears the voice of GLaDOS, a disembodied mechanical female voice (more below), explaining about the procedures and warnings for a new experiment forĀ Aperture Science Laboratories. 1,460 more words

Video Games

Ugh, I can't...

…or how I will never knit a log cabin again!

Seriously! Never would be too soon to work on it! There’s this blanket for a baby I was telling you about, with embroidered companion cube symbol in each of the blocks from which the blanket is made of. 117 more words


Away for a while...

…or I have so many knitting projects!

Most important of all: Shleeves! When I first saw the pattern I knew I had to have it! I never usually buy patterns, if I did I’d be broke, but this one was just calling to me! 173 more words


Portal Stories: Mel - Review

With Valve having seemingly given up game development, fans of their IP’s have been wondering what their next game will be. Instead of waiting, Prism Studios decided to craft an unofficial prequel to Portal 2 in the mean time. 572 more words