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“Looks like you’ve been having fun,” said La Loba to her mate as he nudged three unruly cubs aside and flopped onto the forest floor beside her. 2,278 more words

Company Of Wolves - Company Of Wolves (1990)

New York-based hard rockers Company of Wolves released their self-titled debut album in 1990. The band had something of a “hair metal” sound and image, but really didn’t have that much in common with Hollywood bands like Poison and Ratt. 332 more words

Company Of Wolves

The Company of Wolves - tape 734

Neil Jordan’s stylish adaptation of Angela Carter’s grown-up fairy tales The Company of Wolves was quite a big deal when it was released. The effects (by Christopher Tucker, who also did… 574 more words

Review: The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter

I started reading this book on the plane home because it’s a small book, only about 126 pages long and it fit easily in my carry on. 1,467 more words


Well it’s that time of the year again- Halloween!

It’s one of my favorite nights of the year; a celebration of campy horror and discount store tat that I can’t help but love. 990 more words

Movie Preview

The radio plays of Angela Carter

The late, great Angela Carter was an aficionado of radio drama.  She enlivened in it every bit as much as she re-energised the fairy story.  She writes, in her introduction to this collection: “It is the necessary open-endedness of the medium, the way the listener is invited into the narrative to contribute to it his or her own way of ‘seeing’ the voices and the sounds, the invisible beings and events, that gives radio story-telling its real third dimension…” 565 more words