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British Literature: The Changing of Styles and Tones in 16th and 17th Century Sonnets

The subject matter of the seventeenth century reflects the crisis of the growing chaotic atmosphere of the English Civil War in its darkening themes in comparison to earlier sixteenth century works that emphasized more on stylistic and exuberant subject matter, as the growing chaotic atmosphere that the 17th century writers were accustomed to didn’t trouble the 16th century writers.  875 more words

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Aspects of Shakespeare’s Henry IV and V's Warfare: Legitimacy, Religion, Tactics and the Battlefield

Aspects of Shakespeare’s Henry IV and V’s Warfare: Legitimacy, Religion, Tactics and the Battlefield

      Henry IV and his son Henry V are great orators and politicians. 2,224 more words

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The Interplay of Mythologies in Japan and their Manifestation and Significance in Modern Popular Culture, as Exemplified Through ‘Naruto’ by Masashi Kishimoto

By Nawreen Hena

Sasuke and Naruto depicted against the Shinto kami, Raijin and Fujin; official art by Masashi Kishimoto



If unfamiliar with the source material, ‘Naruto’, it is recommended, but not required, to first read the background and synopsis section in the appendix. 7,350 more words


Book Announcement: Illiberal China – The Ideological Challenge of the People's Republic of China

Illiberal China analyzes the ‘intellectual political culture’ of post-Tiananmen China in comparison to and in conflict with liberalism inside and outside the P.R.C. How do mainland politics and discourses challenge ‘our’ own, chiefly liberal and anti-‘statist’ political frameworks? 444 more words


Global Sexualities: Weimar Berlin and the Birth of a Global Sexology

In March 1919, Magnus Hirschfeld, a pioneering sexologist and homosexual rights activist, opened the Institute of Sexual Science in central Berlin. Recognized as the first of its kind, the Institute became an international magnet, attracting both medical professionals and curious visitors from all over Europe, the Americas, and East Asia. 296 more words

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The Rise and Fall from Grace: Red Cross and Dr. Faustus

The Faerie Queene was Edmund Spencer’s greatest poem and Dr. Faustus was Christopher Marlowe’s most renowned play. The Faerie Queene and Dr. Faustus incorporates Christian materials. 461 more words

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