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Creative Ventures and Comparing Yourself to Others

Hey all! I’m pleased to announce that as of two days ago, Opus Crescendo is off with my editors. And that I’ve commissioned the cover art. 919 more words


We Need To Stop Comparing Ourselves To Others!

I’ve decided to write this post as throughout my life I have really struggled when it comes to comparing myself to others. I can happily tell myself now, that I have finally taught myself that comparing myself to others is a really unhealthy mindset to have and that I am who I am and be proud of myself otherwise, I’ll be constantly miserable in my life if I carry on this way. 1,045 more words


Control The Controllable

The first week had come to an end. It had gone quickly too. Friday’s session included a long hike to a temple atop a mountain. In total the trip took more than 4 hours. 288 more words

The Strength Scout

The strive for perfection

I am a perfectionist. A big, huge perfectionist. I am such a perfectionist that I almost didn’t write this post. I didn’t feel inspired enough and thought it mightn’t be any good. 447 more words

5 Ways to Embrace Your Awesomeness And End Self-Sabotage

Do you ever self-sabotage yourself by thinking that you are not good enough?  Maybe you think you are not skinny enough or not smart enough. You fill in the blanks. 392 more words


How I Learned to Stop Comparing Myself to Others

When I was recruiting for a summer leadership program in Spring 2015, I remember feeling pretty darned good about the progress I was making. That is, until I had a fated conversation where someone said, “Priscilla is so impressive! 603 more words


How a Weekly Photo Challenge Taught Me to Accept What I Have

I’d been feeling a lot of guilt lately: about the way I look, the way I eat, the way I get distracted by work at home and home at work. 243 more words

Eliminating Distractions