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I’ve got this image printed out and it’s been on the wall above my desk for a few years now.

The fifth cardinal rule of life according to this random list is… 663 more words

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Stop Comparing Yourself

By Jennifer

“Why is she more blessed than I am?”

“How come she has more friends than me?”

“Why is she married while I’m still single?” 1,147 more words


REMINDER: Stop Being So F**king Hard on Yourself

I jotted the idea for this post down a while ago, probably in a moment when I was literally thinking these exact words to myself: stop being so fucking hard on yourself! 1,061 more words

The Everyday Gal's Blog

That one time I sat in a coffee shop judging people

I sat in a coffee shop one morning.

I ordered a medium Breve with an extra shot of espresso and a blueberry muffin, which was served with irritation when I asked for the plastic wrap to be removed prior to heating in the microwave. 939 more words


Why Comparing Yourself To Others Is Hurting You And Stopping You From Living Your Life

Let’s stop looking at what the next has or trying to play keeping up with the joneses. Let’s stop sitting on our phones or behind the computer screen scrolling through countless profiles looking at another person’s life wishing that we could do that or complain about our own life.   1,499 more words

Self Love

An alternative to comparing yourself to others

One of the most potentially destructive things a person can do is to compare themselves with others. I say “potentially” because the act of considering the successes, failures and milestones of others to our own experience can provide us insight into what’s important in our own lives. 772 more words

Professional Development

Leaving negative self-image behind

Athletes can be frail beasts when it comes to the inner workings of the mind. All it takes for some people to suffer long-term effects to self-image is one difficult race. 790 more words