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Finding Your True Center

Do you ever wonder what else is to do other than comparing yourself to others? At work or at social circles, you find yourself feeling ‘uneasy’ when someone achieves a goal, wins a metaphoric trophy and can’t help notice you are slightly embarrassed about it. 483 more words

Why can't I be pretty enough for chocolate milk?

My first official job (in THIS life) was working as a bagger at Publix. By the time I was hired on, my dad had already been with the company for 20+ years and was working there as a bakery manager. 2,483 more words


In the entertainment industry; whether you’re in it, entering it, or dreaming it…               the one thing that can destroy you as a human being and an artist is comparing yourself to others. 454 more words

10 Ways to Live Your Best Life #SelfCare

Last week I turned 45 years old and celebrated with a slap up breakfast, a trip to the cinema, and an early night! Oh, how times have changed. 967 more words

Personal Development


I’ve got this image printed out and it’s been on the wall above my desk for a few years now.

The fifth cardinal rule of life according to this random list is… 663 more words

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Stop Comparing Yourself

By Jennifer

“Why is she more blessed than I am?”

“How come she has more friends than me?”

“Why is she married while I’m still single?” 1,147 more words


REMINDER: Stop Being So F**king Hard on Yourself

I jotted the idea for this post down a while ago, probably in a moment when I was literally thinking these exact words to myself: stop being so fucking hard on yourself! 1,061 more words

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