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Guest Post: Trading Lies for Truth

Hey guys! Today, we have a special post from Shelly McGraw. I just love Shelly! She is such a sweetheart, and I’m excited about her guest post today. 896 more words


The Comparison Game

“See, I love magazines. All magazines! I love the process of flipping through the pages, seeing the beauty in all of it; the layout, design, the colour schemes. 182 more words

Rhonda Fast

Finding myself

I am hard on myself.

I compare myself with every single thing.

Every single thing.

Sometimes when I see someone post her selfie on Instagram, I think I am not pretty enough. 388 more words

Finding Yourself

Meet the Joneses!

We are not the Joneses. FYI.

But we sure have met them and it’s hard to keep up with them (figuratively speaking at least.)

The expression “trying to keep up with the Joneses” is a funny one. 336 more words

Samuels' Situations

Stop comparing yourself to others! | Part One

*personal experience*

Yeah, I know you’ve heard and you’ve read so many articles and speeches on this topic, but I have a word to say so keep reading if you’re interrested in a new perspective of this subject. 438 more words


Two guys walk into a bar...

Have you ever seen a woman so beautiful that it seems like every guy on the planet ought to be pursuing her? I’m talking about genuine beauty, not that crazy lust that fills the eyes of so many men. 591 more words

One of the Major Causes of My Depression - Part 2

The problem with comparing yourself with others is a) you’re never going to win, there will always be someone smarter, prettier, faster than yourself and b) you’ll never appreciate the gifts you were given. 102 more words

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