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How I Learned to Stop Comparing Myself to Others

When I was recruiting for a summer leadership program in Spring 2015, I remember feeling pretty darned good about the progress I was making. That is, until I had a fated conversation where someone said, “Priscilla is so impressive! 603 more words


How a Weekly Photo Challenge Taught Me to Accept What I Have

I’d been feeling a lot of guilt lately: about the way I look, the way I eat, the way I get distracted by work at home and home at work. 243 more words

Eliminating Distractions

Set Your Own Pace

Every time she came down from a box jump, she’d do a little dance in between steps. Beautiful and truly art…but really? Several of the women stared.

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Tori Kayson

The First Step To Loving Everyone, Is Loving Yourself

It seems we have this fascination, this obsession, with how our life looks to others, we crave acceptance from complete strangers. We want to be the right amount of different from every body else, you know, different enough to be interesting but not too different that we are labeled weird. 850 more words

10 Things You Don't Even Realize Are Getting In The Way Of Living Your Life

1. The exes you’re still holding on to. If you broke up for a reason, then by pining for a past relationship, you’re essentially letting yourself want something that wasn’t good for you. 734 more words

5 Ways To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others


Let’s talk for a minute. That woman who gets the attention at church, your ex’s new girl, those fit models online, and that blogger with the perfect family and life all have something in common. 1,044 more words

Don't measure your mothering with my ruler

I can’t find biblical evidence of this, but I’m pretty sure one of the curses for our sin in the Garden of Eden is comparison. Maybe it’s implied since the reason Eve took the fruit to begin with was to be like God. 1,054 more words