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What am I doing for Jesus?

Being a follower of The Lord Jesus Christ, or a Christian, is not an easy life. If you truly pick up your Cross and follow Him, you must die to yourself and leave the things of this world behind. 768 more words

Personal Journey

Jiu Jitsu Maths

In the competitive environment of BJJ it very easy to fall into a trap of comparisons. Something that was brought to my attention again recently via someones social media post is the phenomenon of Jiu Jitsu maths. 866 more words


“Wow, She Looks Really-“ No. Stop Right There.

You can be your own worst enemy. No, not because you still drunk dial your ex every Saturday night. Not because you see that pile of dirty knickers piling up in the corner of your bedroom every morning and still can’t be arsed to put them in the wash (you can always buy new ones from Primark, anyway).  352 more words


No more a spectator

So I just read this post by Hannah Brencher (https://hannahbrencher.com) with the following quote:  “You are suddenly a character, not a spectator.”  And I am realizing she is not talking about literature, but life. 265 more words

Doing What Must Be Done

My greatest source of unhappiness is my need to compare myself to others. It’s like an addiction. I know better, and I know it will never bring happiness just like my mother knew smoking was bad for her. 494 more words

Comparing Yourself to Others

Passing along a little something to ponder….



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I'm 'sad' | Unplugged #1

No one liked my last Random Thoughts. Was it because of my twelve point Bobservations? I’m sorry!

Actually, I’m not. Haha.

Anyway, new blog series! 458 more words