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The Comparison

One is married but a virgin, another is sharing a bed with a stranger, third one is loved and has no doubts, forth one will soon be eating Brussels sprouts. 206 more words

My Greatest Fear: Failure.

If there is one thing I fear in life it is failure. Sure, I’m not too fond of heights or spiders or the dark, but the idea of failure is what consumes me when no one’s looking.   675 more words


Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Everybody does it every now and then. Comparing yourself to others seems to come naturally to us, but do we benefit from it or does it simply make us miserable? 184 more words


Sun In Your Eyes

Live your life like there’s always sun shining in your eyes…

Distractions… we all got them. Some are big, some are small, but what they all have in common is that they are taking away from us. 790 more words


Where's My Credit?

Have you ever had a time when you have done all these good things and never get credit?

Someone else does one good thing and everyone notices, and there you are in the background working your tail off? 314 more words

Danielle Smith

Fundamentally Inferior

You’re not as good as them. Look at how much faster they are. Look how much better they are at drawing. AND they do it effortlessly. 260 more words

Measure By Trees

This post first appeared on “The Post Calvin,” a phenomenal blog that features alumni writers from my alma mater.  I am not a regular on the blog, but this is my second time guest writing.   630 more words