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The Compare Bear (I need to stop Keeping up with the Kardashians)

The first time I went to therapy, I was seventeen. Because I was under that magical adult cut-off of eighteen, I got to learn the kid/teen themed coping strategies in my CBT treatment. 954 more words

The Thief of Joy

Comparison is a thief of joy. -Theodore Roosevelt

Comparison is innocent, right? Even beneficial? We teach children to compare early on with games like “Which one of these is not like the other?” When I go to the grocery store, I compare several different cantaloupes, smell them, and examine them for bruises. 1,413 more words


Why Can't We Both Be Beautiful?

As women, we have a bad habit of putting each other down and making each other feel less than for no reason at all but for our own insecurities. 258 more words


Black Dahlia Lacquer Teal Hydrangea and comparison

Teal Hydrangea is a gorgeous turquoise/teal creme polish. I used two coats plus top coat; the formula was great.

Here’s a comparison with a couple of other turquoises: left to right/top to bottom are BDL Teal Hydrangea, China Glaze Aquadelic (2 coats plus top coat), China Glaze Too Yacht to Handle (3coats plus top coat). 6 more words


Joy Thief

Hey Friends,

I couldn’t agree more with that short statement. Friends, don’t compare your life to others. Don’t compare YOURSELF to others. Don’t wish your life away. 462 more words

Yumbox Panino vs. Yumbox Original Comparison

YumboxYou are going to buy this? Yes or No?
Yumbox The Lunch Box Rumors Are True Video: Think Outside the Sandwich This week in bento boxes – Meet the Dubiens… 19 more words

Size comparison

Check out these computer images:
Size comparison

Image by Matthew Bietz
Got a netbook (mostly for listening to online radio through the ol’ hi fi) – let’s just say it wasn’t designed for bear paws like mine! 8 more words