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When you’re a kid it’s perfectly normal to pick up rocks and pine cones and flowers and keep them with you. The older you get the less you’re supposed to care about those abstract objects though. 316 more words

When did life become a competition?

Ever since I was little, I remember comparing myself to others. And they were always better than me. Some kid was a faster runner, another played sports better, my own sibling learnt how to ride a bike before I did, other kids in the school were smarter. 299 more words


Intel Core i5-7600K vs Cortex-M7

A rather interesting processor comparison between a desktop and an embedded CPU.

Available here for download here -> CPU Comparison


Arsenal - A look to the future

This week Unai Emery was unveiled as the new manager of Arsenal football club, the former Seville and PSG head coach will be tasked with returning Arsenal to the champions league in the forthcoming season, whilst also contending for silverware. 1,152 more words

Premier League

The mum is always greener...

…on the other side of your insecurities.

So todays post is about mum-hood and how women constantly compare themselves to their peers to measure their self worth. 2,200 more words


Embracing it all

I have all sorts of emotions, at any time of the day.

I’m joyful.  I’m sad.  I’m happy.  I’m mad.  (This sounds like a children’s book.) 305 more words

Happiness is found when you stop comparing yourself to other people.

We all have been taught to compare ourselves with others and told to be better than them.

Since childhood, our scores were always compared with our classmates and we were encouraged (or often forced) to score better than them by our parents. 251 more words