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Comparison and social media

I recently saw a tweet where someone announced how much money they had made in the last year. I sneered to myself about how they were just showing off and that social media isn’t the place for such disclosures. 566 more words


Day 139

‘Each one should test their own actions, then they can take pride in themselves alone, without comparing themselves to someone else’

Galatians 6: 4-5 

Comparison is everywhere… but I think that often it’s especially rife amongst mums. 546 more words


Old Mate Social Anxiety

Sometimes I feel almost like I’m living a double life; bubbly, chatty hairdresser by day, shy and socially anxious by night. I am a worrier, I am a stresser, I am a worst case scenario type person and I struggle with social anxiety. 387 more words

Life Chat

The Sneakies

Isn’t it wonderful when wonderful ideas pop into your head?

Anyway, today I’m making a comparison between two people from different anime who are so similar, I wouldn’t be surprised if one inspired the other. 473 more words


Do A Few Things Well


I’m scrolling through LinkedIn, checking out what’s trending in my neck of the woods; you know… making myself a well-rounded professional.

(In other words, avoiding doing stuff I should be doing while I hide from my kid in the bathroom.) 632 more words

The Danger of Comparison

Comparison can be a dangerous thing because often we are limited by our lack of perspective. What we see for the most part is the results. 582 more words

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Wading Through The Tension Of Purpose & Humility

Have you ever felt the tension of preparing for a job interview- wanting to give a vivid and specific explanation of why you’d be awesome for the job, yet not wanting to brag too much? 1,447 more words