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Life in Beijing vs. Life in Wuxi

Prior moving to Beijing, we lived in Wuxi for 2 years and this is our second year in the capital of China. In this post, I want to share my personal experience by comparing life in these two beautiful cities. 442 more words



Home was Orange.

The sun always shined as if it would set at any moment.  The world around me always seemed orange, and I never knew why.  106 more words


A Comparison of Print, Digital, and Audio Books.

I like to read old books, really old books. I like to read old stuff that’s in the creative common’s and it’s free online, and I like to listen to books while I drive, and I like to read online, and in print, but what are the differences between these types of publication? 1,251 more words


Comparison of Purchasing Supplements vs Whole Foods for Overall Health

The core of any athletes supplement stack should be whole foods. If you are spend hundreds of dollars on supplements, you are doing something wrong.

Weekend Pith: (Try to) Live and (Try to) Let Live

This week’s life rule is sort of long, so I suppose it doesn’t quite fit the “pith” bill:
Your goals aren’t always someone else’s goals. Their goals aren’t always yours. 270 more words

Weekend Pith

Mercedes-Benz E220d All Terrain v Volvo V90 Cross Country comparison

قیمت ردیاب خودرو

خرید ردیاب خودرو

If you’re anything like me, you think SUVs are purpose-built to define drivers as kid-ferrying lemmings. Why can’t you have the ability to haul kids, but the practicality of style and occasional off-road ability. 3,268 more words

Nokia 8 VS the Essential Phone - Which one should you buy right now

HMD Global recently launched its first flagship phone, the Nokia 8 for a price of $700 in the US and for 599 Euros in Europe. On the other the most awaited smartphone of 2017 the Essential phone also made its way into the market in a similar price bracket of $699 in the US. 358 more words

Phone Launches