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Comparing ourselves to others-Good or Bad idea?

The sermon on this topic, presented April 23rd, can be heard at this link. This post will handle the first part of the lesson and subsequent posts the rest. 803 more words


Sport and ANZAC Day

Keith Miller, champion cricketer and a RAAF fighter-bomber pilot in the big match against Adolf Hitler, knew how to handle stupid questions that equated the pressures and performance of sportsmen, even the best of them, with the experience of anyone who’d ever gone to war. 572 more words

Living through expectations

I think it’s hard growing up as a teen in this day and age, and I think if you disagree then you’re wrong. I’m not saying it’s the most tough thing in the world, I know that there are people much worse off, but it’s still hard. 948 more words


Some notes on manners

On the Japan Info blog/website, I came across a list of “7 Daily Habits Considered Rude Elsewhere, But are Perfectly OK in Japan.” Yes, I’m susceptible to clickbait, but it’s still an interesting list. 377 more words


Comparison between two Beasts. The iPhone 7 plus and Galaxy S8 Plus.

If you’re buying an Apple phone today, you really ought to go with the Plus-sized model.

The iPhone 7 Plus is undoubtedly Apple’s best handset to date: a super-big, super-fast smartphone with great components in nearly every respect – including that snazzy dual-camera array on the back – and the smooth and streamlined iOS 10 running the show. 1,600 more words

Galaxy S8

Let That Shit Go

When I walked into my yoga studio this past Monday evening, I saw a woman with the most amazing shirt. Under a simple image of a figure in a pose, were the words: 1,572 more words


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My last post on Friday, April 14th, was on Letting Go.   Cheryl from Plucking of My Heartstrings commented that "Letting Go can sometimes be very hard to do!" I agree! So when I read this post today, Let That Shit Go, I had to re-blog it. When you put it that way, it becomes a bit easier! ;)

Comparison is a four letter word

Next to the actual diagnosis, comparing Maddie to other children is perhaps my biggest struggle. And I know this struggle is not isolated to parents of children with special needs. 675 more words