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Who Says Math Can't Be Fun?

When I was working in a classroom, and the teacher told the class they were going to work on math next, there was an audible, collective groan from the class. 445 more words


Character Conversations: Kokino

Hello all! Today, I’ll be interviewing that friend of Saymeth’s who was mentioned last week. :)


Little Red Riding Hood

Brings treats to her ailing Grandmother… 431 more words

Comparisons Kill...

The Bible refers to David as a man after God’s own heart. He was chosen by God. He had favor on His life. He was strong, handsome and in a position of authority. 1,583 more words


What Does the Size of a Pizza Slice Teach Us?

Have you seen this video that went viral a few weeks ago?

If not have a look now before reading further.

It is tempting to judge harshly. 991 more words


Touch Trust: What Is It?

Something I made up probably. But also something I believe is instilled in all of us in our every day and especially our dancing lives. It’s about how far we allow someone into our personal space. 1,357 more words


Comparison - Ice Cream

I was going to start this post with “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream” & “I’ve never been an ice cream person…” but I realized that I have two other ice cream posts ( 411 more words

Comfort Food

Post #1: Be Careful What You Ask For

Perhaps it’s because of the Imperial Examinations that took root in Chinese culture as early as the year 605 AD and lasted up until 1905. The practice that showed a people that if you could best someone in test, you were their superior and had earned the right to have a “better” life. 1,116 more words