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At what cost?

This is an age of exposure, inter-disciplinary research, start-ups,social networking and impossibles becoming possibles.A time when the standards keep rising,and the best is just not enough.Everyones’ working harder than before,not just to beat others at their game,but themselves too.Outperforming once own achievements is the order of the day. 1,221 more words


It’s strange comparing the ward I was in when I was in Toronto, with the ward I’m in now. There are 3 main differences that I see. 181 more words


A Stream of Consciousness About Comparisons, Culture and Feminism

I wrote this post a few weeks ago when I was in a brooding/depressed mood. I was coming down with a cold, my friend’s mother had just been tragically murdered by an abusive boyfriend, and the weather was gray and cold and damp. 1,221 more words


Book Review: 'We Need New Names'

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Those of us who give up our homelands live with quiet knowledge nestled in our blood like an incurable disease; even as we are here, we are tied to somewhere else,” writes NoViolet Bulawayo, winner of the 2011 Caine Prize for African Writing, with the wisdom of hard-earned experience. 347 more words

LeBron goes quiet when asked for his favorite Reggie Miller moment

LeBron James sits just five points behind Reggie Miller on the NBA’s all-time scoring list and is poised to pass him soon.

But don’t ask the… 273 more words


Lessons Learned: Expectations and Comparisons

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“If you expect nothing from anybody, you’re never disappointed.”

Sylvia Plath

I have had a lot on my mind lately, not the usual chaos, either, but intense retrospection and introspection. 1,025 more words

My Chaos

30DDC- Day Twenty

Funniest Moment

Okay, I’m going to pick two for this. One is a specific moment, the other is more akin to a series of hilarious dialogue that I love. 92 more words