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20 questions america has for australia

I thought this was so hilarious I just had to share (though it was 21 but I took out the swearing one because that was just too far). 377 more words


Apples & Oranges

Why would you compare yourself to anyone other than who you are? After all, God created each one of us in his own likeness..so, aren’t we really all the same? 106 more words

Corresponding quatrains

Ever since the early days, there has been an urge to find out more about the original sources of Omar Khayyám’s rubáiyát.  Research by orientalists resulted in a number of studies into, and editions of early texts. 266 more words

Who's Better? You or...?

How many times have you heard it? Which is better, actor A or actor B, writer C or writer D? It seems anytime there is talk of one actor, author, director, playwright–whatever–someone asks the question. 404 more words

Fiction Books

Tom Ford #03 Coral Beach Nail Polish

The sun woke me up this morning and inspired me to pick up one of the neglected coral nail polish shades from my stash. 173 more words


Dabbling Ducks

Here is a pair of mallards, a male and a female, dabbling. The term dabbling refers both to the feeding method of tipping bottoms up to feed in muddy shallow bottoms, and to the ducks who participate in this style of feeding. 250 more words


The twin evils of smugness and envy

I was feeling smug. Admiring my ability to juggle this and that. Compared to others.  Evaluating myself next to another sister. He pulled me up short. 604 more words